3 Online Businesses You Can Start This Weekend For Under $100

By  Sam Peiffer

There are 3 Online Businesses that I recommend for every beginner marketer. I've tested so many business opportunities in my life. Most of them failed terribly because they were not the right fit for me.

So in this podcast, I show you exactly what worked for me and how I started these 3 online businesses from scratch.

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All right. Welcome to the Marketing Society podcast. My name is Sam, and I'm the host of the show, and this is the first episode really. Today or this week, I'm going to show you, or I'm going to explain to you three business models that you can start this week to make couple thousand dollars a month in the beginning, and later even more. The best thing about these business models is you can start them without money or with less than $100.

The first business model is one that I personally started out with, and it's ecommerce. Ecommerce is very nice, especially if you're a beginner, and you don't have much money to start with. Excuse me. I'm a bit sick now, but I wanted to get this message across, and ecommerce is very nice, very nice, especially if you choose sites like Shopify to build your online store and sell physical products because let's face the truth, to sell physical products, it's very easy.

I mean, to convince somebody to buy $1,000 course, it's a little bit harder than selling like mugs or headphones. Or chairs or tables or Bluetooth speakers. It's a little bit easier than, let's say, coaching programs. So, the reason why you should start an ecommerce business is because you can start without having a product using dropshipping. Dropshipping is a model where you just build an online store, choose a niche, choose some products, and then you run some ads to it or make some YouTube videos and review some products and get traffic to your store.

So you can make some bucks here and there. Then when somebody buys your product, that's not yours. You don't create the product. You don't have a warehouse or something, but you do dropshipping. Like when somebody buys them, you have an automated app like Oberlo or so, and then you can fulfill the orders. So, when you receive the money, you pay your supplier, and the supplier ships out the product to your customer. That's something that you can start in a weekend.

I am coaching this ecommerce thing a couple of years now, and it's very effective for the students in Germany, and they had really good results with the strategies that I teach. Right now, in English, I don't have any coaching programs or something for that, but listening to this podcast will help you starting your business any way, any shape or form.

The second thing you can start is a copywriting agency. The one thing that changed everything in my business is personally is copywriting, and copywriting is not something like rights to a song or something. I own the copyrights of music for music city or a movie or something, but I mean copywriting, like the texts on web pages. So when somebody has a sales page, obviously, he has a sales text, and the sales text is the copy. That's what we marketers call it.

The copy on the page is the one thing that separates losing businesses that lose money from businesses that make them have very much money is the copy. So, when you go to a business and say, "Hey, I'm a good copywriter, and I have results for this page and this page and this business," and then you can go to them and pitch your service as a copywriter. The cool thing about that is, well, you go to any outsourcing platform. Let's say, Upwork. Upwork is usually pretty cheap. Even there, people charge eight cents for a word. Let's say a good copy has 1,000, 3,000 words, sometimes even more depending on what you want to do.

Let's say you want to do a product description for an ecommerce store. It's like 300, 400, 500 words, and you say you charge for the texts $200 or so. So, let's say you get the client. Let's say you get the ecommerce store. The good thing about it is that usually ecommerce stores have 50 products. If you deliver one good product, like one good product description, you can go and do the whole store, like a whole style description makeover or headline makeover, and then you have not only $200, but times 50. Well, you get the point.

So that's the reason why you should go into this, and this is a very good model, so you can practice without having a product again, becoming a better copywriter, and the way you start this business is pretty easy. You do like a curious student. Let's say you go to Facebook and say, "Hey, I want to learn copywriting, and I need some test objects to test my new craft that I learned, and it's completely free for you. When I get good results for you, we could work together in the future." That's very, very soft pitch and shouldn't offend anyone, but it should get enough attention from people to hit you up, and you can get a nice job post from them.

This is really the key here. You want to work for free first to get them results and that's like the guys selling you heroin on the streets, right? They give you the first shot for free, and then you get addicted, and then you need to buy more and more. That's the same thing if you get the people results. So, first thing you do is just getting the people, hitting them up and saying, "Hey, you're learning this stuff." Then you make the research, become a better copywriter, deliver them actual results, and then with this kind of strategy, next thing is you go and pick some more, more of the same clients.

Let's say you have results for this specific ecommerce business for the store. Then you hit up the next one and say, "Hey, the one over there has made $50,000 more a month because I helped him with his product descriptions. Should I do the same for you? Here's my rate," or something. This works really good. You can repeat this process anywhere, and it works all the time, and it's very effective. The next thing is something that I started three years ago, not in the English market. My main coaching business is German.

So, I started selling digital coaching programs, not typically info product, like, "Hey, here's my $47 ebook or $47 video course that teaches you a specific problem," like a really, really small thing, but coaching programs in a sense that's more expensive like 500 euro. That's around $600, so starting up to 2,000, up to 18,000. What I do is, let's say, I create a video course that's more like a flagship program.

It not only solves one program, but it gives you a business in a box or something that solves a whole lot of problems. When you start with your business or let's say you're a fitness coach and you teach a client not only to lose weight, but after he loses weight, to gain some muscle and to sustain the weight. So, he has a complete transformation and can sustain the transformation. That's what I'm doing with this, and it's very effective.

So, basically, it's a video course, an information product, but I am giving access to myself too. So when somebody buys a course for $1,000 or so or 2000, then he gets access to myself, and he can ask one question a day. When he's going through the program, obviously, questions come up, and then I provide really good support, and you can do the same. It's very easy. What I've found is when I make, let's say, 100 sales a month, and the price point is 500, then I make 50,000 a month, okay?

The next thing is out of those 100 sales, out of those 100 people. Let's say people, not sales. That's offensive if you count people just as money because these are people. Out of these 100 people, around five to 10 maybe ask for this service, let's say, for these consultations and, let's say, email or chat or something, and 40% or so by the cost go through some training. What I found is that it's so weird with digital courses and coaching programs is that people buy something that's 500 or $1,000 or even 2,000, and they don't even log in. They don't log into their members area. I can't understand to this day why they are doing this.

It's kind of sad, but this doesn't stop me from delivering really good value to those people who are actually consuming the content and hit me up with the questions. When I focus only on these 10 or 20%, they get really good results. They get very, very good results, and the word spreads. So, refund rates get lower, and yeah, everything starts to improve. They are three business models that I can recommend to you for starting this week or this weekend or this month. It depends on how much time you have, how much time do you want to spend to build this business for under $100.

So, basically, if you are starting an ecommerce business, you just need an online store. That's it. You can start with Shopify or with WordPress or whatever you want. They are all pretty cheap under $100 maximum. So, that's the first thing. The copywriting agency is completely free. You need nothing except for a bit time investment for hitting up people and learning a bit about copywriting.

The last thing, the digital coaching program stuff is nearly free because you can make money with your expertise only. So, if you know anything about anything, so if you know just one thing, you can make money off of that by teaching other people. This was one particular skill. If you don't know yet what you can teach yet, then you can think about what you maybe want to learn or get good at or maybe a passion that could... or let's say something that you want to be in the future. Let's say, "I can't play piano right now, but I want to play piano in the future, and I want to be really good. So, it makes sense for me to start teaching other people how to play piano."

Then the thing is, right now, I can't play piano, right? So, I have to fake it a little bit. Then by faking it, I get better because I have to... It's not faking it in a negative way, but it's like fake it to become what you want to be. So, it's like you're creating a persona that you want to be, and then you try to live like that person. When I'm doing a piano tutorial, I have to make the research, and by making the research and delivering the content, I get obviously better.

By doing one video for this, I'm already better than 99% of other people who have done none of these steps, right? And that's the power behind it. If you do this six months or a year, you'll be so good, and that's the way you go.

If you want to learn how to launch a coaching program business and create digital products or so, I'm building right now a program for this, but it's not available yet. It will be very, very nice, and it will get you results fast because I had results myself, and I'm showing you exactly what I've done to make launches that make or create products that make 1,800-2,000 euro a day. That's like $2,000 a day or so.

I'm showing you exactly what I did, and I show you pages that I had and the products I used, the advertisements and the traffic strategies, everything that I use to build these businesses. You can join the waiting list. It's in the... What's it called? Show notes of this podcast, and then you get notified. If you put in your email address, you get notified when we launched. So, in the meantime, listen to this podcast, subscribe to this podcast, and share with your friends, and yeah. It's an honor to be with you. So, welcome to the Marketing Society. So, bye-bye.

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