5 Evergreen Dropshipping Niches That Make Money

By  Sam Peiffer

In this episode you‘re going to discover:

  • What is a niche product?
  • How to find a bestselling niche product
  • My evergreen dropshipping niche recommendation
  • And much more

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Welcome to the show. Today, I want to talk about five evergreen drop shipping niches that make money. But before I start, I want you to take a second and go to Apple Podcasts, subscribe to the show and leave a five star rating and a review if you get value out of this episode.

When I launched this podcast initially, I said to myself, "Sam, you won't talk about drop shipping," because I do it all the time in my a German coaching business. But I love this concept and so I thought, hey, you wrote a book about e-commerce and everything, so just share with your listeners on the podcast right now some drop shipping tips and tactic.

Maybe you get value out of this and maybe not because you're just maybe selling a course or something.

But if you're thinking about starting a drop shipping store, why not implement those five niches into your store? First of all, what is a niche product? There are two kinds of products, right?

There is this trend product kind of thing that's hitting a trend for six weeks or something, like a fidget spinner, and then it dies off. It makes very much money in a short period of time and this is amazing. It's a trend product and you can make like 50 grand or something in a week or so. Then you have this niche products.

Niche products are evergreen, so you can run advertising campaigns all year long forever, right? I kind of like niche products a little more because I can build a brand around it. In trend surfing products, I can't.

I just have a general store and then I make a whole bunch of money with a product, and then I change the product and research a new one. I do this every time. I do both and it makes both a lot of money. Trend surfing things a little bit easier for the beginner because you just have to learn how to spot trends in advance and then you can go from there.

But if you are a little bit more advanced and if you want to build your own brand or something, then start with a niche product. You can even start with a niche product when you're a complete beginner.

Each product is something that is more brandable in a specific niche, so people have an interest in something like in a hobby or so, and then they need accessories to further improve this hobby, right?

I make a few explanations and examples later on, and I show you my five highest converting evergreen drop shipping niches for this year (and they didn’t change since I'm doing it).

First, you need to know how to spot those bestselling products. It's pretty easy especially if you have Facebook, and this might change in the future if Facebook isn't around, then you have to switch to the next social network that is using algorithms to show you what you like the most.

I use Facebook for this because when people are advertising their products, you're seeing them in the news feed, right? If you click like on an ad, then the next time you will see another ad that's kind of related, right?

If you've seen my Facebook ads on how to build an online business or something and you'll click like or share or comment or visit the webpage, obviously you get more of those ads. I use the same principle to find new stores and new best selling products that are in my niche for example, right?

Then I evaluate, "Okay, is this post getting likes? Is it getting shares? Are people commenting? Is the store getting any traffic or something," and then I can look from myself on AliExpress or on CJDropShipping or something if I can find a similar product and sell the same and start getting results, right?

If the product is getting results, I make a whole funnel out of it. That's my way on finding a best selling product.

It's a very uncommon way, but it's the only way that really works because you model what works and then you don't have to test every product yourself. You're just letting other people do the research and then you go just out there and pick the ones that are already converting, right?

Here are the actual five niches that I use when I build drop shipping stores and I want to build evergreen stores, these specific drop shipping niches.

The first one is the one I started off with and it's kitchen gadgets, includes like cooking stuff and everything. What we did is we found something that's called a corn stripper and we were the first one selling it a couple of years ago, maybe four or five years ago. It's really cool.

You have those like corn things and then you rub it over the corn and you have all the small tiny corn things and then you can cook it or something. It went viral.

The ad campaign made us within the first week 12,000 euro, which is insane, but we were dumb as fuck. This whole store wasn't a success because we spent all the money on ads that we made. We had no back end and everything, but you're learning.

If you're growing, you're learning, right? I learned from my mistakes. The next time I launched a new store, I had a back end, did the same thing in the same niche and it worked very well. I made a whole bunch of money off of it. Kitchen is amazing. If you want to do a kitchen store, make it more kind of nichey.

Find some great products that you can find in the supermarket or something. The product should be like you have to say to yourself, "Wow. That's a really great product. I need to have it. I have never seen that before."

That was with our corn stripper. We had even this pineapple puncher or something. Amazing product too and it works really good. The next one, and I bought some products for myself in this niche, and it's healthcare tools.

I don't mean like surgery stuff or something. I mean like posture fixers or posture correction belts or something. Like if you have a nerd neck or something, they are these belts that you can put on your shoulders and it puts your shoulders back and then you're sitting straight and everything.

Those kind of tools, A, trending right now, and B, in an evergreen niche like healthcare. You combine the best of best of both worlds, and you can make huge amounts of money, right?

People always want to be healthy, looking good and everything, and you can appeal to the ego of the person who's I'm buying, right? The next one is jewelry. I've seen this across the board. My students that were taking my courses in Germany and everything, everyone who started with jewelry made at least 20,000 in their first month because jewelry is so inexpensive to buy when you're buying wholesale.

You can get necklaces or bracelets for a dollar or something and sell it for 10 to $20. The margins are huge and you can spend so much money on advertising.

Even beginners are making tons of money. I had this one guy called Lorenzo and he did in nine months $107,000 or something or euros, sorry, euro is from Germany. That's around 120,000 I think in dollars, right? Doesn't matter. What I'm saying is even beginners get those results and he just took my course that I sold back then for $300 or something.

He's getting real results with it. Everybody who's picking jewelry as a niche is in a good position, but you have to keep in mind jewelry is just a... It's just part of... It's just a bigger market. You have to niche down a bit and say like jewelry for mediums or something, like those spiritual kind of necklaces, bracelets and everything, then it works really good.

What Lorenzo did was he did jewelry for couples or those BFF jewelry necklaces and everything and it worked very well for him. Next one is... Yeah. It has to be on this list right now.

Next one of my evergreen drop shipping niches is women's clothing. You may or may not know, women are obsessed with intimates like bras, panties and everything. They really love it.

This is the niche that has the most sales across the board every time for last five years. It's crazy because I once had an underwear shop for women and it was very good in a way that I made many sales, but it was bad too because I had high returns, and I get to that in a second.

When you sell like panties or stuff, yeah, they should be high quality first of all, and they should look somewhat exotic, a little bit more sexy, and like you don't get it in a store or something, like with kitchen stuff or everything. That's the first part.

It should be undercutting the price that they get in a local store, but that's no problem because when you buy underwear from AliExpress or something, they cost like 60 cents or something if you make good research. Your margins are huge.

If you make like 10 sales or something, you can sell your panties for nine to 10 bucks or so and amazing looking good quality. Then you make $100 from nothing, right? I'm making money with those.

It’s very easy, but now comes the thing here. If you're doing anything with clothing and nobody’s telling you that right now, it doesn’t matter if it’s intimates like panties and stuff or it’s t-shirts like print on demand shit, returns in clothing are the highest by far because two things. First of all, the size. Second, color. Okay, maybe even third, the the quality.

If the quality isn’t very good, they ship it back, right?

Second, if the product doesn’t fit, they send it back. That you have to keep in mind and your customer support needs to be on point if you’re selling women’s clothing or clothing in general. Then you have high returns.

Most people buy different sizes to see if they fit in a small or a medium. They don’t even know which one is the best fitting and they keep the medium version.

Send back the small version of stuff. Your customer support gets really messy and it’s a very high overhead. That’s why I don’t recommend starting out with women’s clothing. Just start out with jewelry or kitchen or healthcare tools.

If you want to make really, really, really much money, you have to use outdoor products. That’s the last evergreen drop shipping niche that I can recommend to you.

I don’t know if you have ever heard about Trey Lewellen. He has the highest grossing drop shipping funnel worldwide that was ever been created.

He made like 600 grand or something in the first month he was launching his funnel. He did it with flashlights. You guys, with flashlights. It’s insane. I don’t even have a flashlight.

I have no intention of getting a flashlight, but somehow American people have this prepper mindset and they are all into survival and everything. They really love those kind of things.

It’s a tactical flashlight, and he sold like, „Hey, do you want a flashlight for free,“ and then he upsold them a bunch of more flashlights and the batteries and everything.

He created the highest converting funnel in history, right? It’s insane. I would recommend you starting out with outdoor bags, tents, jackets, and maybe even flashlights to just test it out.

If you want to go even further into the whole drop shipping kind of thing and you want to start an e-commerce business from scratch, even if you’re a beginner. I wrote the E-commerce Blackbook.

I’m currently translating it right now into English, but you can get on the waiting list in the show notes.

Then if I publish the English version, I notify you and then you can get it for free actually. I just charge you five to $7, depends on where you’re living, for shipping. You can get the whole book for free.

It’s actually a print copy. It’s not an ebook or something. Yeah, that’s it.

Talk soon.

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