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How To Use Free Plus Shipping For E-commerce And Coaching

By  Sam Peiffer

Did you know that a well-executed free plus shipping strategy can help you get many customers fast? And did you know that a person who bought from you is 10 times more valuable than just a simple email subscriber?

In this guide, you will discover amazing tricks on how to execute a successful free plus shipping business strategy and why you absolutely need one if you want a bunch of customers.

Here’s what you’re about to discover

  • How to create a high converting free plus shipping funnel [03:34]
  • What can I sell with free plus shipping? [04:48]
  • My simple strategy for free plus shipping Facebook ads [07:34]
  • Pros and Cons of Free Plus Shipping [11:29]
  • How to do free plus shipping on Shopify? [14:16]

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  • Get my free plus shipping share funnel

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Sam Peiffer:
All right. Welcome to the show. Today we talk about how to use the free plus shipping method successfully. Okay. And if this is the first episode, please go on iTunes and rate, review and subscribe to the show because it helps me a lot with the algorithms and get the show up there to the top of the iTunes or Apple Podcasts or whatever. So what is free plus shipping? Free plus shipping is like a method that helps you to grow your business very fast. That's basically offering a product for free and the customers pay your shipping costs. Okay, so you pay the product, they pay the shipping that's the deal. And a lot of people are asking, “Does free plus shipping still work?” And the answer is yes, but in the last couple of years people were excessively using it because it worked so good. And then some people who don't know how this technique is executed properly started using it and they didn't knew their numbers and they lost a bunch of money.

Sam Peiffer: [01:04]
They were all telling other peoples like, “Oh no, this doesn't work.” And the thing about free plus shipping is if you don't know your numbers, you can't make it work. So for example, right now my e-Com Black Book is selling for free plus $7.95 shipping. And before I couldn't offer this one like this because my book costs like 12 Euros or something and there's like printing plus shipping everything so when I go to Facebook and did like an ad or something, it would be like 20 bucks or something just to sell one book or like 25 or 30 bucks sometimes just to give one book away for free. So every time I sold a book I may lost like $12 or something or $15. So I offered the book for 20 bucks and charged no shipping and that's the exact opposite of what free plus shipping should be.

Sam Peiffer: [02:07]
And some people do with these numbers, free plus shipping, and they wonder why it doesn't work. So first when you want to do free plus shipping you need to know your numbers and then think about how you can get your numbers in a way that it matches the criteria to use free plus shipping. And the benefit of using free plus shipping is getting a lot of customers very fast because when you have like let's say you run a Facebook ad to a PDF report download and you build an email list or on the other side you have like a free plus shipping book or something or a free plus shipping corn stripper for cooking or something.

Sam Peiffer: [02:51]
Then you will build a really fast email list of customers and the difference between those two is like for example, you have like 1000 PDF subscribers and 1000 customers that just got something for free but they paid the shipping. The ones who bought the product for free, they are like 10 times more likely to buy stuff later from you. So the thing is what would you rather have? Do you want to rather have a thousand email subscribers that are just opted-in for a PDF or something? Or do you want like real customers who just want to buy more stuff? And that's the thing right here.

Sam Peiffer: [03:34]
So the next thing that you want to know here is how to create a high converting free plus shipping funnel. Because just because you know what a concept is, you can't execute a proper strategy now, that's why I need to tell you how it's done, okay? And you need to have some upsells in order to make free plus shipping a very successful strategy. So when you just have like a free plus shipping book or something and you just sell that, think about it, how can you make 2000 or $3000 a month from this one? It's very hard. Like you have to literally sell hundreds of copies, okay? But when you add an upsell to it and you say, “Okay, I have this $200 video course or something only available this time is the one time offer. Then you go from this $7 to a $200 price point and people are more likely to buy like 10 times more likely. Okay. So that's very easy to sell the higher ticket product.

Sam Peiffer: [04:42]
So how can this work for your dropshipping business for example? So what we did was we had like a corn stripper like there's a kitchen gadget where you can strip corn from like a corn stick or something and then you can cook the corn. And we offer it as an upsell like a whole dining kit or something I didn't remember, it's like four years ago or something. But that was the basic idea. So we got a customer for free in and then we upsold them like a bigger bundle of it. So if you're doing that free plus shipping is amazing. You will get a lot of customers, your customer list will grow and the cool thing about it is when you have a big customer list, you can sell your whole business later in the future. Your business will be evaluated by the size of your customer list. That's just a funny side fact that you need to know. For example, if you're doing this like 10 years or something and you want to do an exit or so, your customer list is very, very important.

Sam Peiffer: [05:51]
So the basic funnel structure of a free plus shipping funnel it's very easy. It's like just a sales page where you embed the order forms so people can check out on the sales page immediately. It doesn't need to be like very long form sales letter or something. It just needs to be like a headline with a short video or a picture of the product on the right side, the order form and like below the order form, like in a separate section, you can put some pictures of your product and that's it. Just make the price somewhat between five to 10 bucks and you'll be good to go. The upsell should be like when you're doing drop shipping should be either a bundle like a complimentary upsell or like a congruent upsell. You can decide what works best for you, but most of the time a congruent upsell works way better.

Sam Peiffer: [06:44]
Like if you sell supplements for example, we can say, “Okay, you just got one sample for free of my supplement. Do you want like three bottles more and the price point is a 100 bucks or something. And you can go up to two maximum three upsells, so you don't piss off all your customers who just bought. So I would stick with one or two. Start with one, it's easier and takes a lot of variables out because in the beginning you want to make everything as easy as possible. So please, please, please avoid doing too many upsells in the beginning. Just start with one to keep it very simple and make it convert and then focus on the next upsell until it converts. That's like the basic strategy of it.

Sam Peiffer: [07:34]
And next, when you have the funnel, you need like a simple strategy for free plus shipping Facebook ads. When you have the funnel you need people to come to it. And that's where Facebook ads come into play. So what you do is you put your Facebook Pixel on your entire funnel and I use ThriveCart for my shopping cart. I put just the Facebook Pixel ID in there it's like a little number and that's it. And then you can embed the ThriveCart shopping cart into click funnels on your landing page and that's it. You have like a really nice order form there and it tracks all your funnel stamps and in ThriveCart you can go and set up all the products for the funnel like when you have upsells and everything and it's all interlinked automatically.

Sam Peiffer: [08:25]
It's very, very nice, very easy and when you do Facebook ads, you get automatically pushed your sales revenue and your conversion rates, the number of sales and everything. So you can really optimize everything and it's very cool. But you need like a good overall strategy in order to execute the Facebook ads properly and I do it like in two sometimes three steps.

Sam Peiffer: [08:50]
The first step is like interest targeting and I target the landing page with this one. So that's people who are interested in my niche or my subject. For example, if I sell something free plus shipping for gardening or something, I would put in the interest targeting like gardening and so on. And then I will run straight Facebook ads to my landing page. Then I have a second category that's like remarketing pages and I retarget my landing page visitors like in the last seven days or so. Then I retarget the people who abandoned the cart. I will retarget people who bought with the upsell and that's basically it for retargeting. And then I have like an upsell post-purchase sequence where I run additional products and everything to my actual customer who bought the free plus shipping product to get them to buy more in my store. It's like a really basic strategy.

Sam Peiffer: [10:02]
And the last one is I think the most profitable right now, where you have people who just bought like you have three day window or something you can put it in your Facebook customer audience and then you can say, “Okay, you bought my product and here are a lot of more in our store check out now here is a discount code. Like it's a timely discount code it expires in X days or something. And this works so, so good and you should use it immediately if you start implementing a Facebook ad strategy for free plus shipping. And the thing is when you start using these ads or these strategy for the free plus shipping Facebook ads start from … do reverse engineering or go from the retargeting ad for the buyers create this one first. Then create second the other remarketing ads and then the interest.

Sam Peiffer: [11:04]
So the remarketing ads work like a net that catches people who go through your funnel. So just turn on the interest when you're done with or setting up everything and you just push new people with interest targeting in your funnel and the rest is just handled by all the retargeting and that's it. That's like the best thing you can do. Now obviously there are some pros and cons of free plus shipping and let me first tell you some pros. By now you should know that free plus shipping is amazing but there are some cons as well I will cover them too. But first of all pro, the most important thing is that it's very easy to catch attention with the word free so you can hook people in very fast. And the thing is when you say I have free in your ad copy, you can target such a broad audience and get sales very easy because it's like free. Yeah, it's a very easy sell. You don't have to oversell people. It's free.

Sam Peiffer: [12:15]
And my second point for this one is you get a lot of customers very fast obviously. And if you're using the drop shipping method, you don't have to manage inventory or anything else, it's very easy. Or if you use print on demand you can go very easy with free plus shipping. And now for the cons, these are a bit … yeah, you just need to be aware of them and to really know them in order to you don't make mistakes with your numbers and everything. So the first one is knowing your numbers pretty well because when you mess up your margins, you can lose a bunch of money when you're selling your free plus shipping offers. Obviously like the example with my book I told you before, so know your numbers pretty well. Like your cost per purchase, what is your product price, what's the shipping price that your supplier offers you?

Sam Peiffer: [13:13]
And next one is only good for inexpensive products, so you can't sell a $50 something for free with the shipping. You will go on the red. So you have to find a way to research properly for these cheaper items that you can offer for free as a free gift or something. Okay. So it's only for inexpensive products or like information products like books or something. And the last one is you need to have an upsell product or like a back-end product where you make all the money, some people call it the core offer. And you absolutely need it in order to make profit because when you have like 10 people buy your free plus shipping you will hopefully break even and on the core product make some money with it. So you get like traffic for free to your core product or what you want to offer in reality. So that's the whole goal.

Sam Peiffer: [14:16]
So you need to know these three cons in order to make free plus shipping work for you. So last but not least, how to do free plus shipping on Shopify because a lot of people are using Shopify and a lot of my German clients are using Shopify. They always ask me how to do this on Shopify. I can do it on ClickFunnels and ThriveCart and everything it's very easy. But how the hell do I do it on Shopify? On Shopify they say, “Heck?” Where you can put in like weight and with the weight you can trigger different kinds of shipping. And then you do like when the weight is below like on a certain number, then you do charge a specific amount of shipping and every time the weight doubles or triples you charge more shipping.

Sam Peiffer: [15:03]
So when somebody is putting in five times the free plus shipping product, he will be charged five times the shipping because every product needs to be shipped. So that's the basic idea behind it. Because you have the like freebie seekers in this free plus shipping stuff. And there are some experts who are going to the landing pages and order 10 times your free plus shipping product. And when you don't have like a fixed amount per product like a fixed shipping per product, they will abuse it and buy 10 times and you will lose a lot of money. So set this up correctly.

Sam Peiffer: [15:42]
So put on your Shopify product, set like a fixed weight for this one, and then put the weight inside the shipping area and make it accordingly. So I'll link in an intense guide in the show notes here. So not an intense like a really detailed guide in the show notes. So you can get idea on how it's done click by click. So if you like this episode and you want to have like your own free plus shipping funnel, I will link one of my highest converting free plus shipping funds here in this post. So you can get it and download it for free and it will automatically be populated to your ClickFunnels account. And if you don't have one, you can test it out for 14 days and let me know if the free plus shipping funnel work for you. And then let's meet again in the next episode. See you. Bye-bye.

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