How I Made 595€ On The First Day Of Selling My Own Book

By  Sam Peiffer

I spent the last 4 months writing my first book about e-commerce and how to build a business from scratch. One of the best things to fuel business is writing a book. At least that’s what some people say.

Yesterday I launched it to my fanbase in Germany, sold 46 books and made around 595€ on the first day. This post is about what I learned.

If you want to publish a book like me without a publishing company, then read this article carefully. I will not only show you how I sold the book but I will also tell you how to write the sales letter, create the book and how to deliver it without going to the post office daily — which is what almost every beginner author does.

How I discovered a little known 3 step process

A couple of months ago I decided to build some kind of legacy. I wanted to publish a book. Not a fiction or romance story, but something that actually helps people. So I did my research about how to write books, sell them and more.

Most content that I found was unusable because most people telling how to write books or make money on the internet are not doing it themselves or are complete beginners who will never sell more than two books. One was bought by mom and the other one by Larry who always likes what you do but is also a little creepy.

So I started a discovery journey to find out what the New York Times bestseller and professional marketers do that nobody is telling you. I looked for patterns that they have in common.

Finally, after a lot of research, I was able to come up with a process to get it done fast and efficient. Every personal development guru tells you that you need a morning routine to be successful.

So I made mine writing. It didn’t matter how long or how much I wrote. Simply doing it daily will do the job. I also heard that Stephen King writes 4 hours a day. So when he can do four hours — I can do at least 5 minutes.

I even created covers and mockups of the book, so it looks amazing.

This is the actual E-commerce Black Book I’m selling right now.

As I was going through my content I realized something was missing. I wasn’t proud of it. I asked myself why, but I didn’t know the answer at first. Actually, I never wanted to write again because it felt kinda painful seeing your “baby” and not being proud. That was when I took a break from the writing.

Recently I had a conversation with my wife and I told her about that I’m not proud of my book. She immediately asked if it’s helping people for real or if I just think it will be good. That was when I had a lightbulb in my head turning on.

After that I did the whole process I’m going to show you next and fast forward sold more than 46 Books and made around 595€ the first day! Here is my blueprint…

1. Write the sales letter before the book

Writing the sales letter for the book was by far the easiest part. I know a lot of people struggle with that but it’s absolutely learnable. Basically, it’s just knowing what people want ahead of time and then giving it to them in a few sentences. I made a couple of hundred YouTube videos last year so I had a pretty good understanding of what my readers want.

If you’re starting from scratch you can type your topic into YouTube, pick a popular video and go straight to the comments section. Press command/strg + f on your computer keyboard and search for “?”. This will give you everything you need to answer the objections of your readers.

The thing is.. you want to make your readers a sexy deal based on what they are actually looking for and build your book outline after that. That’s the whole formula.

So how do you write the sales letter or script the sales video?

For my sales page, I did both. And that’s because people consume content in different ways. Some like to read because they’re on the go and some want you to read or perform the presentation for them.

I followed a little known 5 step script that I use for all my content & sales presentation because it’s more than proven to work. This script delivers much value and convinces people to take action at the same time. This post is also written with my 5 step template. Don’t worry I won’t sell you anything here 🙂

Here are the five steps in chronological order:

1. Hook your reader.

I usually hook my reader into the story by making them curious about what’s coming in the next couple of minutes or lines. This is the most important part and can not be done poorly. The good thing tho is that you can hook your audience with one or two sentences. If you just starting out I recommend asking an intriguing question, that gets answered with your book.

2. Tell a quick discovery story.

If you did a great job at making your audience curious the next step is building rapport. The fastest way to do this is by telling a story about how you discovered what you’re about to share with them. Be as detailed as possible and don’t tell stories as people tell them in Germany (aka listing facts). Be emotional and try to connect.

3. Deliver some “what” content or “aha” moments.

Now that you have a curious reader or listener and you have built rapport, now it’s time to establish some authority so they know you’re the real deal. What better way to do this than by simply sharing some “aha” moments?

Please read carefully. You don’t want people to tell HOW they can solve their problem. That should be done by the book. Give them the new opportunity of using the strategies of your book.

If you have a step by step system in place, perfect. If not try to lay it out like a 3-,5-. or 7-step formula or system that is easy to understand. Tell people what needs to be done in order to get the results they actually want.

Now here comes the funny part.

4. The transition from “teaching” into “selling”.

By now you should have a couple of friends more. The worst thing that could happen now is that you scare them away. But I have some good news.

What if I would tell you, that your reader is already sold? Yes, you read right. Your reader was sold by your story and the content. Now you just need to confirm the sale by making a good offer. And before you can make an offer you need a quick transition so you don’t piss off people.. I mean they are your friends right now! 🙂

I usually say “You have two choices now. Doing it on your own, wasting a bunch of time or letting me help you with this and get your results fast.”

Some people say that they want to provide more resources or say they need some money to print the book etc. but that really doesn’t matter. Just give any reason that sounds good to you.

5. Confirm the sale by doing your pitch and presenting your book offer.

The selling is already done my friend. Now you just need to make a great deal by bundling up some bonuses for your book. Because let’s face it.. everybody and their cat is selling books right now. You need to make it bigger than that.

What I like to do is offering cheat sheets, webinar training or short video series. You can be creative in this part. Just ask yourself:

“What are the byproducts of what I’m selling, that would make the concept in my book easier to use for my readers?”

Now that you have an amazing presentation you can put the text on a simple webpage or record a video where you perform the script. Or both. Next, I like to actually write my book, so I can fulfill all the promises I made in the sales letter or presentation.

2. Finish The Book And Deliver What You Promised

This is what most people screw up. They write the book first and hope it will sell. By now you have a carefully drafted sales letter which was done by research on what people actually want instead of guessing. So, in that case, your book will do well.

This is me on the first day that I received my final book.

In the book, you need to explain the whole story, strategy and deliver your message. Don’t hold anything back and be as personal as you can. I’m sure you’ll make a great job!

3. Automate The Delivery (How To Not Go To The Post Office Daily)

Do you know some people who wanted to sell their own book but are discouraged by the manufacturing cost or shipping them by themselves?

Usually, you need to order a couple hundred or even thousands of books, then store it in your garage and eventually sell them online. Then there is also the option of selling on Amazon, Kindle, and other marketplaces.

There are good and bad things about those marketplaces but one is a dealbreaker for me. Most of them won’t allow you to build a customer list and/or will take a huge cut of your gross sales.

Let’s be honest, there is a better way. And no, drop shipping your own book from Amazon is not an option.

How I automate my book sales

By now you should know that I’m kind of a big deal and super special, right? Just kidding. Anybody can do that with a few tools.

What I like to do is focusing on selling my book, not bringing it to the post office daily. I want to work on my business, not in it. And that’s where print on demand by using automated software comes into play.

I sell this book on my own website, use a third party checkout system called Thrive Cart and a printing company called LuLu.

So basically when I make a sale I have nothing to do because my checkout system is integrated with my fulfillment company. They send the books with super fast shipping times. From the united states to Germany in under a week!

My conclusion: Can you do it yourself?

In my opinion, people overcomplicate things. We need to go basic and focus on the essentials. A good sales presentation, great content that delivers value and referrals and an automated system that lets you focus on what’s actually important: Selling your book.

By the way, if you have any question about this system shoot me a quick comment and I’ll be glad to help you out.

If you want to read the book I talked about in this post, you can get it here!

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