How to Launch A Product And Create Buzz

By  Sam Peiffer

I asked myself two questions today: 

1. How to launch a product to begin with? 

2. How do you build hype or create buzz for a product launch? 

And then.. This episode happened.

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In today's episode you’re going to discover:

  • How to get an email list before you even think about launching a product
  • How to use Influencer Marketing & Outreach via Email to get free traffic
  • How talking about you working on your product launch in your content can create buzz
  • How to sell your product by invitation or application only
  • How to start getting interviewed on micro influencer podcasts in your niche
  • Why you should take pre-orders or make a beta-release
  • Why you should show sneak peaks on of your product in your content while creating it
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Welcome to the show. Today I want to talk about how to launch a product and create buzz. And if this is the first episode you are ever hearing from this podcast, please go on iTunes, subscribe. And if this added value to your business and to your life, then leave a five-star rating and a good review.

So today, I want to talk about a question that I got asked. And it's how do you build a high product launch. And that's it because let's face it anticipation is a driving factor when making sales and making money online.

And today, I have seven ways to generate buzz before the product launch. So this happens before your prelaunch, before your product launch. It's just like an awareness phase where you make sure people anticipate what's coming and line up for your product to give you money. Right.

So in the last couple of days, I worked hard on this summit. And that's why I'm recording this episode tonight. As you can hear, there's cricket everywhere. And yeah. Then I go after work outside in the garden and leave the dogs outside and everything to pee. And then I record these episodes for you because I have a really tight schedule right now. And yeah.

And then in the next six months or so, you can see the work and everything I did today. So I just want to talk about that before, yeah, so that you know why there are crickets in the background and everything.

So the first of the seven ways is what I've talked about every time in my podcast is the waiting list. The waiting list is the best thing to create buzz before you launch a product because people are signing up for your product launch. And they're anticipating it. And you get their email address. And you can deliver content in the meantime when you're creating the product. Or you can give sneak peaks and everything. And that's very very cool because, yeah, you have this email list early on. And that's the most important thing because your email list is the most driving factor when you're making this product launches and the most profitable one.

So when you have an email list of, let's say, a thousand people, you're making huge huge amounts of money like I told you in my case study where I did a product launch with 89 people on my email list. I'm making around 5,000 euro. I found that smallest, right? And to build 89 leads on an email list costs around 1.50 or so to get one subscriber right now. And yeah, it's a huge return on investment, right? So start with a waiting list. That's the first thing and the most important thing when you want to create buzz. And yeah.

So the next thing is use influencer marketing and outreach via email. So when you want to create buzz, one key factor is that everybody is talking about it, right? So how can we mimic that it happens organically, right? If the product is good or it's very new, and it's solves a specific problem; over time some people pick it up, make reviews and show tutorials on how to use the product or, yeah, that's the most what happens organically.

So you can replicate that if you just go out and look out for influencers in your niche or niche, it depends on where you're coming from, just to say it. Go out there. Find influencers. Let's say you look up YouTubers, or Instagrammers in your niche, or bloggers, podcasters.

And their following doesn't have to be as big as you think because micro influencers have engaged subscribers and audiences. A niche YouTube channel with about 2,000 followers or something is more valuable than let's say someone with a general audience that's doing comedy stuff with 50,000, right? So that's more important.

So reach out to them. Give them the product for free. Or ask them if they want to become an affiliate or even pay them. That's what you could do. I have a friend who has paid a YouTuber once with two million subscribers. I don't know the niche. It's fitness or so. He paid him $10,000 for a video. And he made huge amounts of money. He made six figures just from this one video because he was promoting the whole launch sequence with this one video. And it's a great way to get new people into your business. And influencers can really jumpstart that thing for very cheap.

And most influencers with less than 10,000 or 5,000 subscribers are doing it in an exchange for a product or something or lifetime access or a few commissions. It's pretty easy then. And for outreach, I use this simple template I got from a friend. And he said I shouldn't share it. But it works very good. And I'll give you a short overview. It's you write an email to the influencer and say, "Hey, it's Sam. How are you doing?" Introduce yourself. Then you kiss their ego a bit. And say, "I was watching your video about blank. And what you said in the video and meant it so and so, you told that I have to do this and this. And yeah, that really resonates with me blah blah blah blah blah."

And tell them specifically what you found helpful in his content or what you liked about it. And then next step is you present what you have, the pitch, what you're doing, what your product is all about. And then you repeat the process with the elevation of his ego and say, "Again, I really like what you're doing. And especially the video was very great. Hope to talk soon or make business with you. Thanks, Sam." And then you make the P.S. and say, "Hey, this is a great opportunity." And yeah. If you listened to this podcast right now, yeah, that's the best one I found for outreach. And it works very good. And try it for your contacting influencers and everything.

So the next one, the next way I am to create buzz, for your product launch is talking about working on your product in your content. So at the beginning of this episode, I talked about how I'm working on a literal summit, right? And this is exactly the same thing. So I'm practicing what I'm preaching. But the summit is happening in January. And I interview a whole bunch of people. And the summit is for free. You can sign up there, but now, obviously. But in future, I'm documenting the journey for the summit, right?

And that's something you could do too. So mentioning early on that something is coming. And people become part of the creation process. And when people become part of something, they are more willing to buy because it's something they identify with and, "Hey, I helped with that." So asking questions for your product and for your launch and your content is very good.

Let's say, "Hey, what should the summit be about? Who should I invite at something?" You can leave that on the blog if you want to. Just answer the question if you want to. It would be great to know.

So you can do the same thing. It works really great because it's not so salesy and everything. And it makes a great connection. And you have something to talk about. And she has something from your life actually, what you're doing right now.

And the next one on how to create buzz for your product launch is sell your product by invitation only or by application only. And this is one of the greatest strategies to make huge amount of money, tons and tons of money before you even make your product accessible for the public, right?

So when I want to create a high value coaching program or high value video course, I make sure that I create a coaching program first or let's say a test group. And people apply for the exact process I show them in the digital product, right? So if I do like Five Steps to Get Super Duper High... Let's say Five Steps to the Perfect Product Launch and Make Tons of Money and everything, let's say we do this. And you can apply for the process. I teach you the whole process and everything. And we make a strategy session out of it. And after that, we see if it's a good right fit if the coaching is actually for you and we can work together.

And then on the phone, I can give the call to my closer. And he's closing people for let's say $3,000 for the coaching program without the product ever been created, right? So people are just signing up for the strategy about it. And I teach them before I create the product. And that's key here because people see, "Okay. There is something." They don't know what kind of form it is. And you can get results for people.

So when I teach on a coaching program one on one on how to create launches, and somebody gets results, and I don't even have created the evergreen product that I sell for let's say 500 or 1000 euro or something or dollars; then it's creating buzz because people want to get in. But they can't. But everybody has the 3,000 or 5,000. But if you will and those people will get results and they could talk about it. And as soon as you launch your product to the public and make it accessible for anyone basically that's interested in launching a product or something, it's really cool. You make tons and tons of money with coaching in the first place. And then with the digital product, you make even more money, right, because it's more mass-selling friendly than talking on the phone with a closer and everything. The whole Dan Lok style. So that's by invitation only or application only.

The next way, that's what I'm currently doing, and I built this page on my podcast blog where you guys from the audience from the audience who have the new show can interview me. So let's say you have 10 episodes, or five or something. You're starting out. But you're getting some traffic. And you just want some authority from other people, right? For those people, it's great.

So you can just say, "Hey, schedule a call with me. And I hope to have an interview with you." You interview me. And then I hop on the interview with you. And then you can put the interview with me on your show, on your podcast. And obviously, you won't get Grant Cardone or something on your podcast. But your listeners maybe have a show or people want to contact you if you're growing. The speakers get bigger and bigger. And that's an easy way first of all to create content.

And if you do products or something, you can take those interviews from them and put it inside a members' area and set up the members' area or something. So it's just repurposing the content in first place. And in the second, creating buzz with this because your face and your name is on every podcast in your niche. And okay. Obviously, five episodes of a show is way less than it needs to be.

So yeah, let's say if you have 10 or 15 episodes in your podcast and it's related to my stuff and you're getting some traffic, have a reasonable audience, let's say, I don't know, 100 people or something; I will then hop on your show. And you can do the same, right? Just model what I do. And it works.

So next thing is take pre-orders or make a beta phase. So what ThriveCart does... I talk about ThriveCart all the time because it's great. And I use it to make sales, right, because it's my checkout provider, my check, what's it called, shopping cart, right? And they are in a beta phase with a lifetime access to their software platform which everybody is selling for a monthly recurring price. And that's their selling point because to say, "Hey, it's six months or so of same cart or something. And then it becomes free forever because it's lifetime purchase. Do you want to pay thousands of dollars for the recurring fee? Or do you want a one-time fee and use our beta version of the shopping cart?"So I chose the beta version. I have huge benefits for that reason. And they make so much money and because of this beta release.

Or let's say you're doing a Kickstarter project that's all pre-orders, right? The product isn't even created. They just make a video or have a prototype or something. They just show the prototype and say, "Hey, pre-orders available. Just order now. And when the product is ready or developed, you get yours for 30% off or something." And that creates buzz, right?

And you can combine everything that I'm talking about right now because you can do a pre-order phase, and reach out to influencers, and give the influencers like a product sample or something. And they can talk about it and say, "Hey, it's available for pre-order. And that creates so much buzz.

And what’s working really good for digital products is the last way. One of my favorites is show sneak peaks of your product in your content. So when you’re creating content like you’re doing videos, podcasts, even blogging, or Instagram stories or something; just show sneak peaks. When you’re doing the members’ area, show them what you’re currently doing. Show them when you’re interviewing people or your camera setup. Or if you’re writing stuff, show them excerpts of your book or something. Just share with the world and talk about it because your following will share everything from you, right, because when you are doing a good job and your audience loves you, they want to talk about you with their friends. And even though they don’t hit the share button, they talk about it, right?

So when I have a product launch or something, people see that, okay? And the anticipation, it goes up. And then you know from yourself, right, because when you see something that’s very nice and you desperately want to have it, then you go downstairs, go to your wife, go to your husband, and say, „Hey, this is in that. And he’s launching this thing. And I want to have it. And it’s the greatest strategy on Earth. And it will make me so much money. Or I will get so good in shape. I haven’t been there in 10 years or something.“

And that’s really cool because, yeah, it’s cool. Sneak peaks are the best thing right now. So that’s my seven ways on how to create buzz when you’re launching a brand new product, and right?

If this is the first episode you’re hearing on this podcast, make sure you go on iTunes and rate it, review it, and subscribe. So that’s it. If you want to go even faster with this whole product launch, product creation, and product selling stuff; I create a free workshop for you where I show you in depth my strategy on how I do it with case studies and everything. So you can sign up to that for free. Right now, it’s on a waiting list like I said at the first way to day. I’m practicing what I preach, see. That’s the most important thing because all the gurus outside there and the way the way they’ve done this on the web just teaching something that they don’t actually practice. And that’s the difference here.

And just sign up. Just, even if you are not interested in what I’m teaching you there, just watch the process on what I’m doing. That’s very interesting. Just funnel-hack me like crazy to get results. And just look at how I present stuff and the automation part and everything, and the waiting list part, and yup. Just go there. And we’ll see you in the next episode. Bye bye.

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