3 Little Known Steps To A Successful Product Launch Without A Large Email List

By  Sam Peiffer

In this guide I'll give you my ultimate instructions to a successful product launch and how to bring a product to market fast and profitably. 

I have already made a lot of product launches. My first one was a total disaster and didn't bring any sale. I have learned a lot over the years and I want to save you from the headache of failure with this post.

I currently make a constant 1000€ – 2000€ per day consistently using the strategy I describe in this guide. 

E:||!prliignore21||. Upwork||!prliignore21||. 2019||!prliignore21||. Sam Peiffer Schritte Zum Erfolgreichen Product Launch Ohne Eine Große Email Liste_files\Product-Launch-Stats-1024x496.jpg
Revenue Screenshot from one of my Evergreen launch campaigns

Instead of using my email list with tens of thousands of contacts, I decided to make a product launch and build just a small email list from scratch, specific to this product.

So I made a product launch with only 89 participants and reached a turnover of more than 5.226€ in less than 7 days

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Here are the stats from the Mini-Product Launch application 
E:||!prliignore23||. Upwork||!prliignore23||. 2019||!prliignore23||. Sam Peiffer Schritte Zum Erfolgreichen Product Launch Ohne Eine Große Email Liste_files\Product-Launch-Mit-Kleiner-Email-Liste.jpg
These are is revenue from a launch with 89 participants.

Additionally, I make another 2,244€ per month, on a recurring basis from the installment plans I offer. 

In this guide I’m sharing with you my recipe for success, so you can apply this strategy successfully, too for your own product launch.

Just a quick, important note, first! If you don't have your own product yet, or you are thinking about creating a digital coaching product such as for example, a video course, sign up for my free workshop. 

In this workshop I’m going to show you how to create digital coaching products in less than 14 days, launch them immediately and make sales like crazy!

What Exactly Is a Product Launch?

A product launch is just a really cool expression for bringing a new product on the market. Every time a new product is brought to the public and is offered for sale, it is called a Launch. 

Steve Jobs was a true master in introducing new products. His iPhone presentations are truly legendary. But it doesn't always have to be something world-moving like Apple. 

If you want to build an online business, there are easier ways to do this. When marketers talk about product launches, they mean a new Coaching Program or Ecommerce product that they want to sell.

When I, as a marketer, do so, I want to create the greatest possible bang. I want as many people as possible to talk about my new product and the customers to stand in line to buy my product. People stand in line at the Apple Store roughly 3 days in advance, when a new iPhone is launched. 

This product launch strategy works for any type of product – whether it's Coaching, Digital, Services, Ecommerce, a Physical Product, or local businesses such as Restaurants. You name it!

In this Guide I chose to focus on coaching products. Think about high-quality informational products. These have an insanely high profit margin and you don’t need to produce them in a factory, store them or spend money on design.

Informational products require a bit of time and your knowledge. Therefore, anyone who has a computer, a few hours a week and motivation, can create one. Entrepreneurship doesn’t get easier than this!

The Product Launch Blueprint – An Overview Of My Strategy

A product launch is quite simple and it can be structured in 3 phases. You will take care of one phase at a time and focus only on that one until is finished. You don’t need to do 3 things simultaneously, therefore your focus is always laser-sharp. 

Phase 1: Research & Preparation. Think about who is your ideal customer and build a waiting list for your product. 

This phase can last between 3 and 30 days, even up to a few months. Just choose your timeframe.

Phase 2: Prelaunch. This starts just before the first sale of your product. It’s the timeframe when you create value and prepare the list you’ve built, for the sale that will come. 

We, marketers, call this phase the “warm up” for our leads. This phase is 100% added value and there is no sales pitch involved.

This phase should last between 3 and 6 days. To decide on the timeframe, think about how much time you want to give people to check any Video, Blog Post or Email. I wouldn't recommend using the same content for more than 3 days.

Phase 3: Product Start. The leads are warmed up so now you make a sales offer for the first time. It's important to use some form of scarcity. The introductory discount of 50%, which expires after launch, always works well! 

This phase usually lasts between 2 and 10 days. 

If your product costs 997 €, I recommend 7-10 days. If it costs 300 € or less, then 3-5 days is better.

Here is a diagram of the funnel architecture to use for your launch. It's been tested and proven thousands of times, and it works every time. 

E:||!prliignore24||. Upwork||!prliignore24||. 2019||!prliignore24||. Sam Peiffer Schritte Zum Erfolgreichen Product Launch Ohne Eine Große Email Liste_files\Product-Launch-Funnel--1024x455.jpg
Source: Clickfunnels

Overall if you calculate, this process helps you create a completely new product or online business and launch it in under 30 days.

You can make plenty of money online, without an email list and without having the product designed in advance (we will talk more about this later).

Step 1 – Research & Preparation Phase

What Distinguishes a Successful Product Launch from a Flop? 

There are exactly 2 things you have to consider in the first phase:

1: Get a clear profile of who you want to sell your product to and

2: “Queue up” the people with THE profile for your launch.

How to find your dream client

Before you even think about creating a product, you should ask yourself who is the product for? You want to launch a product, but who is it actually for?

It's useless to have the best product if there is no one interested in buying it. 

Sure, you can create a need and educate a market, but this is more for big companies with big budgets – like Coca-Cola, Microsoft & Nike. For us, simple marketers, the best chance to earn a lot of money online with our product launch is to find and cover an existing need.

Imagine a few questions about how your dream client should look like. 

Most of the time, the ideal customer is pretty similar to you. Let's say you're good at tennis, remember the moment you played tennis for the first time?

  • What did your life look like then? 
  • What did you have the most problems with?
  • What questions kept you up at night?
  • What were you trying to do?

If you're not your dream client yourself, you can search Google, YouTube and on the forums, for comments and questions that your audience has.

E:||!prliignore25||. Upwork||!prliignore25||. 2019||!prliignore25||. Sam Peiffer Schritte Zum Erfolgreichen Product Launch Ohne Eine Große Email Liste_files\Produkteinführung-YouTube-Trick-1.jpg
Comment areas are a real gold mine!

A dream client is a person you could easily spend your whole day with, because it's so much fun to be in their presence. You know them better than you know yourself.

The Waiting List & Free List Building

One of the most asked questions is: How do I make a successful launch if I don’t have an email list? 

The truth is that an Email Lead (email contact) costs at least 1€ per month. This is basic online marketing info that everyone knows. This is actually the reason why everyone is asking:

How can I build a big email list?

But, that is the completely wrong question. The right one should be: 

How can I build a potential high-selling email list?

I told you earlier that with only 89 people on my email list I made more than 5,000 € in direct sales and >2,200 € in monthly recurring revenues through payment plans. 

This is because I always focus on email subscribers that have a  high-selling potential.

Every launch gets a NEW email list. I call these bluntly, “my launch lists”. The greatest benefit of this approach is that only the people who are 100% interested find themselves on such a list and therefore, I generate high sales with a few subscribers. 

Let’s take a study case: you want 100 people on your email list! The highest Google Ads price I've ever paid for a subscriber, was 7 €. You can build a list like this with ease in 1-2 months. 

The fact is, I currently pay no more than 1.50 € for a subscriber and I build my launch list with a daily budget of 15 € in only 10 days.

E:||!prliignore26||. Upwork||!prliignore26||. 2019||!prliignore26||. Sam Peiffer Schritte Zum Erfolgreichen Product Launch Ohne Eine Große Email Liste_files\Product-Launch-Produkteinführung-ADs.jpg
Screenshot from one of my Google Ads Accounts

At this point you should NOT offer a PDF, or whatever other freebie marketers recommend you to offer. That would make your launch list worth a lot less. 

Apple doesn't let its customers enter their email addresses for an iPhone brochure, does it? Customers raise their hands, wanting the product itself. That's exactly what we're doing. 

Use a waiting list for the product itself. That’s the strategy! 

E:||!prliignore27||. Upwork||!prliignore27||. 2019||!prliignore27||. Sam Peiffer Schritte Zum Erfolgreichen Product Launch Ohne Eine Große Email Liste_files\Product-Launch-Warteliste-1-1024x633.jpg

These waiting lists can be done in 5 minutes with Clickfunnels, which you can test for free for 14 days.

Your waiting list should have no paraphernalia, but only a simple title, the launch date and a button. This is totally enough and ensures that your launch has only one focused goal: sales.

You can fill the waiting list in a variety of ways. You can fill in these lists like I do, using YouTube Ads or Facebook Ads, and have them completed in a few days, for example.

Or you can use free Traffic such as Blog Posts, YouTube Videos or Communities such as Facebook groups. 

Please don't be the guy who spams everyone with his links! Be authentic and help people solve problems. Authenticity will make it very easy to get 100 people on the list. 

It really shouldn't take longer than 14 days – and if it does, change your approach or try YouTube Ads.

Step 2 – Pre Product Launch Phase

The next phase is the most fun one. Here you prepare a nice experience for the people on your waiting list, by providing high quality content and finding out what they would like in your product. 

So we divide this into two parts. First, we want to ask a simple question, like: 

“What's your biggest problem with X?“

A simple email with “just send me your answer to this mail” is enough.

The second is much more interesting… Here you will create the launch content and address the problems identified in part 1. 

If someone said that he has painful fingers while playing guitar and others have written the same, this is a great sign that you should include “how to avoid painful fingers” in your content. 

Does it make sense?

The cool part is that from now on you will be idolized. Now the law of reciprocity just got activated, because you publish helpful content that your subscribers will pass on. 

E:||!prliignore28||. Upwork||!prliignore28||. 2019||!prliignore28||. Sam Peiffer Schritte Zum Erfolgreichen Product Launch Ohne Eine Große Email Liste_files\Product-Launch-Kommentare.jpg
Testimonial Comment From One Of My German Customers

This means that now it's about creating content such as Videos, Blog Posts & Emails that offer real added value. I always recommend publishing 3-4 items before you even think about pitching your product. 

So, for example, 3 free videos that build on each other, 3 free webinars or 3 blog posts or 3 informative emails. I strongly recommend the Video, because this creates the strongest bond. 

If you're not good with Video and still want to create a strong bond, get this Teleprompter. It will help you present your script in front of the camera – relax, it will get easier with time.

My Simple 3-Step Pre-Launch Script

These 3 videos or posts, should follow the PAS System. This system is an old school thing created by a direct marketer and thus is one of the best selling scripts ever. 

P – P stands for Problem. In the first video, you try to clarify what's the problem of the participants. 

A – the second video shows the A – Agitate. It means stirring. So something like “Rub some salt in the wound”. Think about what makes the problem worse. What consequences will appear if the problem is not solved. 

S – S stands for solve. Every problem has to be solved. The solution is ALWAYS placing the benefits of your product under the spotlight. 

If your problem is “painful fingers when playing guitar”, then the solution is “playing regularly with your 5 minutes per day exercise schedule.” In this case, this would be your product. 

Now you just have to announce that your product will be available in your next video, post or webinar. 

Step 3 – The Sales Page

From now on, we make real money and lots of it! We have prepared the field for our customers so well and the key to success here is the anticipation. This is really just as simple as setting up the sales page and the sales text or sales video. 

Even if you're not a pro in advertising, you'll get it to make sales. Just think about how much trust you built up and how you helped people with your free content. 

Nevertheless, here are a few short best practices you can use to achieve maximum sales.

Here's What You Say In The Sales Video 

Did you think I would leave you without recommending a script for your sales presentation? Here are a few simple things you should include in your script. 

  • Who are you and why anyone should watch this video?
  • What is the story that helped you discover the solution (your product)?
  • Give 3-5 tips on how your viewers can reach their goals or solve their problems.
  • Make a friendly swing on your product by saying that you don't have the time to put everything in a video and therefore you have made a Course / Coaching Program.
  • Pitch your product as if there was no tomorrow 

With this 5 steps sales script, I sell everything to everyone, at any time. It has never let me down. It works with any medium. No matter if you use video, text or webinars. 

Just try it yourself and I'm sure it will increase your sales dramatically and bring you big revenue.

How to create a strong sales page in less than 5 minutes

A sales page really doesn’t need much if you follow this process from my guide. In 99% of the cases, a simple video with a button for payment, is all you need. 

Just like here:

E:||!prliignore29||. Upwork||!prliignore29||. 2019||!prliignore29||. Sam Peiffer Schritte Zum Erfolgreichen Product Launch Ohne Eine Große Email Liste_files\Product-Launch-Sales-Page-Sam-Peiffer.jpg
For this sales page, I used a Clickfunnels template.

I didn't know it either, but again and again, people told me that they want to buy immediately and do not always want to watch the entire video, so I don't delay the button display. But you can test that.

How to Create an Irresistible Offer, so That You Sell Even More.

Many simply sell a product and that's it. It’s really difficult to sell a simple product, so you should offer bonuses. That means you split your product out into its parts. 

If you want to sell a shoe, it's not just a shoe, but every element has a function. And when you buy this shoe, you get every item for free. This means that you not only get the shoe but also an ergonomic sole, tear-resistant laces, etc. 

In your case, if you have no bonuses, you can simply split the modules and describe precisely each module and give an exact value. 

For a guitar learning course, the course would be the main product and, for example, Chords Training (value 197€) is Bonus #1. Next, you could offer a Scale Module (that you have anyway in the course) as a Bonus #2 (value 97€). Do you get the concept? 

This concept is called Value Stacking and has already brought me many sales.

For What Price Should I Sell my Product in a Launch?

It depends on your market. I had wonderful results so far for 297€, 497€, 997€ and 1,997€. 

I recommend you to start at no less than 997€. The reason is that at the beginning you have few people on your list and the higher price point helps you to compensate for this. 

If you have a strong 50,000 contacts list, you can also work with 97€ products, and go for the masses. 

How to Generate Passive Income and Increase Sales During Your Product Launch

Depending on how expensive your product is, you should consider offering a payment plan for your Product Launch. Why? Because not everyone can pay the full price at once. 

Be mindful, however, that this will decrease the average customer value. It's logical because people pay the price in 3-5 installments. Many do not pay all installments.

So if your course or Coaching Program costs 1,000 €, your average customer value will be around 666 €. So almost 30% below the full price.

My Tip for 10X More Sales

Shortage is the friend of every marketer. Your offer must end somehow. There must be a negative consequence if your customers do not buy immediately. 

There are 4 things you can add to your sales video. Either the price increases, the product is off the market for a certain time, bonuses are stripped away or there is only a limited number of pieces. 

You can also combine these. For example, the launch price doubles after 7 days, the program is available again only in 6 months from now and the bonuses will not be available. 

What's important is: don't lie and you keep your word!

If you use scarcity, there must always be a reason. When you complete a course, the best way to justify it is to focus on the participants. That's how I always do it.

What's Keeping You From Your Own Product Launch?

Now you'd have to be pretty good at launching new products. At least you know how the whole process works roughly, but there's still a huge problem. 

The product will not create itself from today to tomorrow and for 95% of the marketers, it requires up to 6 months to create it. Most need months only for planning. 

And then even the best marketing doesn't do anything if you don't have something to sell.

Since the post here is already long enough anyway, I decided to make a workshop and show you how to create and launch your own product in 14 days and less. 

I'll give you several strategies that will allow you to create products that you can sell right away, even if you're just starting or trying the waters.

In this workshop, I will show you how I create digital Coaching Products in less than 14 days, how I launch them and get insanely high sales!

I will notify you as soon as the workshop starts, so that you do not miss the content and you can earn money with your Product Launch Online. 

As you see, I practice what I preach, too. The content will blow you away – just like this post is not an empty pitch fest. 

Write a comment with the biggest problem you have when creating a digital Coaching Product and how to make money launching it.

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