My Proven 5 Step Instagram Influencer Outreach Template That Won‘t Get Rejected

By  Sam Peiffer

In this episode you‘re going to discover:

  • Why instagram influencers are desperateste to promote your online course
  • How to pick influencers that can deliver tons of targeted traffic
  • What I‘m saying in my instagram influencers outreach template
  • How to get more results with the right follow up

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Welcome to the show. Today, I want to discuss my proven Five-Step Instagram Influencer Outreach Template that won't get rejected because influencer traffic is one of the best traffic sources that you can use to sell any kind of product, especially if you're selling online courses or digital products or coaching programs.

If you haven't already, go to iTunes and subscribe and leave a five-star rating if you find this podcast added value to your business and your life. I break this episode down in four parts, right?

The first one is why Instagram influencers are desperate to promote your online course. The second part is how to pick influencers that can deliver tons of targeted traffic because it's very important that the traffic isn't random, but targeted so you actually make sales. Third, I want to discuss what I'm saying in my Influencer Outreach Template ... in my Instagram Influencer Outreach Template, sorry.

Last, but not least, how to get more results with the right follow up.

First, why are Instagram influencers desperate to promote your online course? Basically, an influencer is someone who has a lot of followers and traffic. That's the definition, but most influencers don't have products to sell, so they do like brand deals or something, and they can't really monetize their fan bases. So, most influencers are pretty broke.

Almost every influencer is broke. That's the reason why they are desperately lining up for you. You pitching them your course promotion part, right? If you have, let's say ... so let's say you found a influencer that has like 3 million followers, almost 99.9% of those influencers will say, if I give them 2 or $3,000, that they will promote my product for a week or something.

I haven't had a single one that didn't promote if I give them some money.

If my course is priced pretty well, let's say 500 to a thousand bucks, right, the ROI is crazy because I pay them like 2 or 3000 and make 20 or 30 grand off of the this promotion.

That's one way I could do it if I have some cash to start out with, but I don't recommend it if you go and it's your first promotion and you don't know if your products are selling and stuff, right?

If you know your product is selling, just go there and give them some money and they promote for you and they promote it long enough, and some do even like a longterm partnership with you if they see that you're paying them and you get good results and everything.

If you can give them, let's say, like an affiliate link or something, like a commission, and they go out there, promote this stuff, and if it's making sales, good. If not, try change something with your offer. The thing that you have to keep in mind is that the influencers don't make much money, and so you are giving them the opportunity to change that, right?

If the influencer has, let's say, in a specific niche and your niche and you want to get better results, then try to find so-called micro-influencers that have like 15,000 followers on Instagram or something.

I want to share a second thought of this episode with you, and that's how you can find those influencers that can deliver tons of targeted traffic. Let's say you go to Kim Kardashian, who has one of the biggest influencer accounts on Instagram, but not in a targeted sense.

So, If you go there and you say, "Hey, Kim Kardashian, promote my course on conversion rate optimization, nobody would buy it from her audience, so it won't make much sense, but she has a lot of traffic. The traffic that she has doesn't qualify for our products, so we need to find influencers in the same niche that we want to sell our product in.

So if you're doing the same thing with the product, with the conversion rate optimization course, then we need to find people who have the audience for us, right? It doesn't have to be as big as, let's say, Kim Kardashian or something.

Can be like 10, 20,000 followers, but you have to keep one thing in mind: when you're looking out for influencers on Instagram or anywhere else on the planet, on any other platform, you have to keep one thing in mind, and that's the engagement, the interaction with the brand, or the influencer that you want to use for your marketing.

If you see a profile or some influencer that has like, let's say, 3 million followers or something, and the engagement rate is so low that other influencers with 30,000 likes or something on a photo ... sorry, on a profile but have more engagement on their posts, that's actually a better partner for you, right?

A big sign always is when when profits have much follower and low-engagement rates, that they boost their accounts with bots or something, or don't deliver great value, or change their niche or something. If you build your profile, your influencer profile, in a specific niche and change it afterwards, the engagement rate will drop dramatically. Some people do it like, "Hey, let's build a cat channel on YouTube or a cat Instagram page or a food blog or something," and then they change to let's say, "Hey, we teach you how to build your online business," the engagement rates will drop and this one could be a good partner for you because all his followers are in a different niche, but they promote stuff, yeah, that doesn't fit their content, right?

So, avoid those people, right? That's very important for you.

Now, we get to the core of this episode. It's my third step I use here, and now I'm sharing with you my Five-Step Instagram Influence Outreach Template that won't get rejected.

My wife is a photographer, and she uses this template all the time to get clients for her photography business. So, basically to get paying clients that she can shoot and make money from this, right? It's pretty simple and it's easy to execute, but it's very effective.

If you want to use this template, just go on to Instagram or your platform of your choice. It works in every platform because it's triggering the human brain and works off of mental triggers.

The first one is you just introduce yourself. You say, "Hey, I'm this and this," so that's it. You don't pitch anything, right? You just say, "Hi, I'm ... so, I'm a photographer. I'm a consultant. I'm a fitness coach," or something. Then you have to elevate their status. Right?

That means that you make them a compliment that needs to be true. So, if you want to pitch me, and you want me to promote your stuff, the easiest way to do this ... to screw this up is you say, "Hey, great videos that you do on YouTube.

Can you promote my shit? Thanks, Eric." That's the easiest way to screw this up. When I am promoting stuff for other people, they usually say ... or watch a specific video and tell me what they liked about it.

So, let's say, "Hey, Sam, I watched your video on YouTube and I really liked the strategy that you broke down in this part. I've never heard of this before, and it worked great for me," or something. That works every time and, "I'm pretty excited that he's watching my videos because he's pointing out stuff that I said there."

So, you have to consume the content, a bit of them, and tell them what you liked. It needs to be honest because it will look fake if you don't speak the truth, right, and people don't like liars? That's it.

That's the second part of this. So, you have the introduction. You say, "Hey," then you have a personalization that's true, and with a little compliment. Don't kiss their ass too much, but say what you like.

The next thing is your short pitch, a really short pitch. So, you're saying, "Hey, I'm doing this, this, this and that. Can you do this for me," or, "I would like to work with you," or something. Really short, one or two sentences, that's it.

After this, you do the same thing as in step two. You go in there and make them another compliment for their course and say, "Keep the good work up. Thanks, Eric." Yeah, right. So, you have the, "Hi," part, you have the personalization part, you have the pitch, you have another personalized part, and the pitch part, number three, always stays the same, but you have two moving parts here, and those are the personalization parts.

Finally, you deliver something like a p.s. or something and where you remind them how valuable it is if you work together. If you're really uncreative, you could just say, "Hey, it's a great opportunity for both of us. Let's talk soon," or something.

This is my whole Five-Step Instagram Influencer Outreach Template that won't get rejected, but to make this work even better I have a fourth point of this episode for you. The fourth part of this episode is how to get more results with the right follow-up because the power of this whole process is always in the follow-up.

My wife gets around 30% of all people she writes in mail or contacts, she closes them, and why is this like this, right? Sometimes it's even more, but on average, 30%, so the power is really in the follow-up. If you write somebody an email, let's say, and he is not responding ... okay, he's not responding, obviously, so can be that the email is going to a spam folder. Could be that he was getting a lot of mails this day.

Could be that he simply overlooked the mail. So, you need to follow up two or three times, and it's very easy.

You just say, „Hey,“ in the first follow up, „Hey, I just wanted to know if you got my email?“ Then you attach the email down below and say, „Great work, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.“ If he doesn’t respond, do it again and say, „Hey, I really want to work with you.

It’s something that’s really important to me and I wanted to make sure that you actually read the email. Please tell me if it’s something that you are interested or not and just respond in one quick sentence or something.“ That’s the third one. You don’t have to be really creative with this one, but you just need to send emails.

One of my mentors called Frank Kern said in one of his podcast episodes or something, or was it Facebook live, I don’t really know anymore? He said that, „It’s better sending crap emails or outreach and email marketing than sending nothing.“

Most people over-complicate things and just want to do everything perfect, but the perfect stuff won’t bring you results, of course, if you don’t publish those emails or ideas that you have. It’s better to put out something that’s not as good as it could be, but just send out stuff to get results, right?

It’s always better to get stuff out there. In this case, after you have made your follow-up, you get like usually 30% more people to say yes to your offer, right? So, to promote your course, to promote your new product launch, or to book a photo shoot with you, like my wife does, it works really good, and to get this one to the next level, you can use my Instagram Influencer Outreach Template, not only on Instagram.

So, you DM someone on Instagram but he won’t respond, right? You can take the same approach, and message him on a different platform and say something like, „Hey, I wrote you an Instagram DM.

Have you checked it out yet or is it in the spam folder?“ Just look it up or something per email and if he’s don’t gets the email, then you go on Facebook because most people have Facebook and Instagram and all the other platforms. So, you try a multi-platform approach if you want to. I know some people who are even sending them voice memos. It’s always a bit more personal. You can do that.

Works really good. Yeah, that’s the whole strategy behind this one. Make sure if you’re writing influencers on Instagram with this Instagram Influencer Outreach Template, make sure that you don’t write a whole standard text like all in one message, right because it looks very spammy, and all the spammers do it like this, so they have just one text blog and they send it out to a mass of people. That doesn’t work really good, right?

Make sure that you post this one line-by-line. Like, if you’re chatting with someone on the phone, that’s usually how you do it, right? So, make sure you do this.

If you want to create, launch and sell your own online course, I put together a free master class for you. You can sign up in the show notes for free, and right now I’m preparing this master class for you, but you can sign up for the waiting list, and I’ll notify you when I go live and teach the whole concept, right?

That’s it for this episode. Have Fun, and enjoy the day. Bye-bye.

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