How To Make Money Selling Online Courses Using One Simple Website

By  Sam Peiffer

In this episode you’re going to discover:

  • My Strategy to Sell a $97 course and upsell a $497 product
  • How to convince somebody to buy in 5 Minutes or less
  • Tool that I use for this strategy: ThriveCart & Clickfunnels (6 Months Free)
  • How this simple one page website can be built fast

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Welcome to the show. Today I want to show you how to make money selling online courses using one simple website only. And if you haven't subscribed to the podcast yet on your favorite platform of your choice, consider subscribing and leaving a five star review if you find the content valuable and helpful.

So in the last couple of weeks and months, I tried a new strategy to sell my online courses with one simple website because let's face it, it's very complicated to sell stuff on the internet usually. So most people tell you that you need a funnel, you need crazy software, you need to automate it, you need marketing automation and everything. So you spend all time just figuring out how to connect software, API integration, creating pages, hiring people from the Philippines to outsource stuff for you, to get things that you can't do, right? So you can focus on the work you actually want to do and outsource everything.

And that can be quite expensive. So my focus on the last couple months was just simplify everything. So the strategy behind this product creation thing and launching thing with one simple website is basically, you have one website that replaces a whole funnel. So if you don't know what a funnel is, a funnel is like a series of webpages and email automations. And I wanted to do this in one page.

Basically it's a sales page with every element of a funnel. So and after these, the sales page, you upsell them on your main product. Think about your whole product in general. What's inside it, let's say you make a course about fitness. So when you have the fitness course, you have different parts in the course and you rip out one part and it becomes your one page funnel, or your one page website that you try selling to your audience.

And for this strategy you don't really need much more. You just take one piece of your course out, sell it for $97 and then upsell those people who buy the course for $497 or $997, depends on what you selling your course right now, right? In this day and age, I think the video sales letter or short VSL has some kind of rebirth because everybody's doing webinars right now, phone calls and whatever, and other people focus on the new shiny thing like chatbots and everything, but nobody's doing stuff that worked couple of years ago. So I tried doing more of what works back then.

And I came across the VSL and tried it and it worked perfectly well for this one page simple website. So what you do here is really easy. You try in the VSL to make a five minute video, not longer than that, and you have to convince people to take action to buy your $97 product. And in the couple other episodes on the podcast, I shared the script for you that you can use to sell to people that I use every time. And it works every time in every shape or form, like in webinars, VSLs, text forum, emails and everything. Go look up the episode. It's on the podcast and on the blog and just use it. It works.

And then I have a couple of different elements on the page, on the first page, and the page is very short. It's not like long form copy or something. It's very, very simple, but it has all the elements of a typical sales funnel.

So the first thing is a headline that addresses a problem and shows the benefit of your product or of the video. So it hooks the reader or the watcher into the video in your sales presentation. And then the next step is you create the short little video, like five minutes or so and embed it on the page.

It's very plain and simple page design. It could be butt ugly, yeah, to be honest, it's an ugly page but it works. And then below the video you make a button, a little call to action button, that says get instant access now for $97 and the button is not linked to a checkout page, but it scrolls down to an order form, but more on that later. And below the button you push in one or two little testimonials in text form. The best ones should be Facebook testimonials. Like people saying good stuff about your product on Facebook. It's always the best ones because what's on Facebook is obviously true, right? So put one or two in there, the more the better. But usually one or two is sufficient enough.

The next thing you absolutely have to do is make the product tangible. Because when you're selling digital products and coaching stuff it's hard for people to grasp what you are selling them so they don't know exactly what they're getting. And I want to make it tangible every time. So I create box shots that look very high quality. And if you mess this step up, it ruins everything. Because when the product looks crappy and the shot looks crappy, nobody would buy that because if it's ugly, it means it's not good quality. Right?

So that's the reason why Apple for example, pays so much money to design their products and it looks very simplistic and high quality and it becomes kind of like a symbol of ... Oh what's it called? Status? Yeah. Status. Yeah, it's just for showing off. Right? And if the quality is good on the packaging, usually the content is great too. Right? And that's the reason why you need to have a really good box shot there.

You can use software to do this. You can use box shots in Photoshop. Just Google box shot mock up or so. And then you can make the copy, design it with Photoshop or you go to Upwork or Fiverr or so and let somebody do that. That shouldn't take a lot of time, but it has to be high quality. So that's most important.

After the box shot, you need to tell people what's actually in the box and here comes the trick. So you don't tell people, "Yeah, you get 40 videos, you get this, this, this and that." Or "The videos are in HD and module one is about blank." No, you don't do that. You just go in there, say, "Okay, you get this fitness master class worth $497. The master class shows you exactly how to lose weight fast without starving to death and eating what you want and everything." And you phrase it in a way that you showcase the benefit of the product and the module or the bonus, what you're selling.

And you always attach a value to it, like $497 value. Because when people buy it, that's the value that they can get out of the product, is the way I like to think about. Because when other people tell you like choosing these values, I always thought, "Okay, but the product isn't worth that much." I don't sell the product for $5000 for $500 for $800. I don't sell it for that much so I can't write it there. But that's the value they get out of the product. Think about it like that.

And after the value stacking of the product benefits and what they get, you do an embedded checkout form and that's the whole trick here. You don't have an external checkout page like let's say, if you ever bought a product on ClickBank, usually the sales page is where like sales video button and the button links to a ClickBank page or so. No, we don't do this because we lose one step, we lose people on the next step, right? Because every click is a potential barrier for the customer to give us money. So we want to shorten the click span and that's why we embed the order form directly on the sales page and that's it.

And by the way, if you haven't done this process yourself, I can show you in a video or so in the future and the process is really easy if you use two simple tools and it's really all you need. So you can use one I guess with Click Funnels, but I use two because Click Funnels doesn't have the best shopping cart itself.

Many people are making huge amounts of money but also missing out on money because they don't have the perfect PayPal integration or something. And that's why I use two softwares. The first one is Click Funnels to build the page. They have every element in there so you can just put in your video, your headlines, your testimonials, everything. But I don't like the shopping cart in them and that's where comes my shopping cart in.

It's a strive card. It's an independent software so it doesn't charge you monthly fees. It doesn't charge you a percentage of sales. Like when you do in Shopify or something, they charge you like 2% or so if you make the sale and strive card doesn't do anything. Yeah right? It's just there for you to process payments. You plug in your PayPal and your Stripe and your Apple pay and everything and it just works. So you can accept credit cards, you can accept PayPal, you can accept even European payment methods. Like if you have a bank account that can deposit money from it and stuff. And it's very, very nice. So you can use even recurring payments.

But the most important feature is for me, the embeddable checkout, so I can make checkout pages on every single page I want. I can even do a checkout page inside a members area or something. That's very nice. And the best part about it it's a one time purchase and then it's a lifetime, one time purchase, right? So you don't have to pay, like let's say, if you're using a Sam card or something or any other software for processing payments, it's usually $99 a month in the basic plans just for creating checkout pages. And that's very much in my opinion, for simple checkout pages and think about it in a way that it adds up, right?

So if you have a planning page builder, you have a checkout page, you have an email tool, it adds up. So if you have 5000 or 10000 leads on your list, you know what I'm talking about because tools get more expensive, Shopping Carts gets more expensive and everything, and your monthly bill becomes pretty fast, very high. So I try to do lifetime purchases every time I have the opportunity to. Thrivecart has right now a lifetime access program because they are in Beta right now.

So after they close the Beta program, it’s a monthly payment too. But I’ve secured my spot, so it’s easy for me. And let’s think about it this way. If you think about Zach’s or something, it’s also a payment gateway. It’s I think $77 a month or so. And I had it for a year and it was like 1000 bucks for a year, right? Or nearly a thousand bucks or so. Don’t let me do math on a podcast. So for me it was very expensive. Because when I continue to use it, it adds up as well.

So if I do this one time purchase of the Shopping cart for me, it’s amazing. As soon as I switched from Zaxaa to Thrivecart, I had no monthly bill payments anymore. And yeah, it’s just amazing because no monthly payments and everything. So that’s for the tools.

And then just to recap, to design the page you just need a headline, short sales video, testimonials, box shot, a value stack, and then the embeddable order form.

Everything can be done with those two software pieces I gave you right now and I linked them up in the blog post here and you can see the screenshots in the future depending on when you listen to this episode.

So that’s my tip for the day. If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast yet, go to iTunes, go to wherever you are listening to the podcast or if you’re on the blog or so, just subscribe and leave a good rating. If you find this, these episodes, these tips that I give you, helpful and if you want to build your own online course or create your product, I’m actually doing a free workshop. But right now I’m preparing it so you can join the waiting list and I link it up to you in the show notes, so be sure to subscribe there too. And then we see you in the next episode. Bye bye.

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