How I Make 6 Figures With This New Product Launch Strategy

By  Sam Peiffer

In today’s episode you’re going to discover:

  • How I make $1,865 per day with this new product launch strategy almost everybody can replicate in a weekend
  • Why you don’t need a fancy funnel strategy for launching a new product online
  • How I launch new online businesses with nothing but one simple page (even if I don’t have my own product to sell!

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Welcome to the show. Today I want to talk about how I make six figures with this brand new product launch strategy and let's face it, the problem with launching a product is A, it's super complex. B, it's hard to execute and C, it takes a lot of time because I see people who are taking months, even years preparing for their product launch when they're just starting out and people overthink. Yeah, right?

Today I want to show you a method that's very easy that you can use in a weekend or something and you're ready to go and launch your product within two weeks or something. If this is the first podcast episode you're hearing on the show, go on iTunes, subscribe and leave a five-star rating if it added value to your business and your life.

In this episode, I'm going to talk about three things. The first one is how I make $1,865 per day with this new product launch strategy almost everybody can replicate in a weekend.

That's what I talk about and why you don't need a fancy funnel strategy for launching a new product online and the third thing is how I launch a new online business with nothing but one simple page even if I don't have my own product to sell. The last thing is obviously something that anybody, everybody is interested in, so I get to this at the end.

The first one is how I make this the strategy work for me and usually, a product launch consists of a pre-pre launch phase where you hype your product and create buzz.

That's what I was talking about yesterday and you can go back to the episode and hear about the ways of creating buzz I share with you. Then you have like a prelaunch phase and everybody promotes your prelaunch and you have like those three good pieces of video content or webinars where you teach people your awesome strategies and they get tons of amount of value and everything.

Then after that you close down the prelaunch and you're just pitching your product, right? That's the whole strategy and I use it myself. It works really good, but I shifted to a brand new model and the new model is quite simple because I want to launch in a short period of time.

I want to cut the preparing curve, preparing time and get to market as fast as I can. What I do is I take those video content pieces for the prelaunch and I just write emails that say the same thing that I would say in this videos I just sent out as an email that said, and then I condensed the whole funnel into one simple page.

That's a one-page launch, right? That's the new strategy and you just focus on creating the sales page and sales message and everything goes back from the sales page.

You're just reverse-engineering the whole process, so your prelaunch is basically your sales letter from the sales page, split it into three parts of something and then goes into your sales pitch. It feels like content, it is content.

There is no pitch in those pre-launch emails, but on the sales page, it's amazing. It's really good and yeah, so you only have to write your sales message and that's it.

Next one is why you don't need a fancy funnel strategy for launching a new product online. Let's face it when you want to do this whole big JV launch kind of thing and you over analyze everything because everybody's telling you funnels are the thing and it works amazing and makes so much money.

Yeah, that's usually not the case because the more complex it gets, the less money you will make because things can break and they break often and that's the thing because why should you build a rocket or something to fly to the moon when you can't even build an airplane or something or a car, it's the same thing, right?

In order to get there, make this huge complex funnel strategies work for you, simplify everything, right? That's what I'm doing. That's why I just use one-page launches and if you switch from an I need this fancy thing because it's super cool and super complex and the more complex it gets, the better I will look inside my community or something.

That's bullshit, because the simpler it gets, the more money you will make. Right? Businesses starting with only one product and focusing on one product alone make much more money than businesses with 10 products and split focus, right?

Okay, you should never sell just one product, that's for sure, but to begin with you have to start with one and if you're planning on just starting with three or four, your focus is all over the place and you don't need a funnel for everything, right?

Just one that works for you and that's why the simplest wins every time and this is kind of like the Pareto law, so the 80/20 principle or so, but I like to take it a bit more extreme and say the 1% that makes 80% or 90% of the outcome, and that's just focusing on one thing, one simple thing, so one page and using this one for your product launch.

The last one is how I built online businesses with nothing but one simple page, but I don't have a product, right? Even if I don't have it, my own product to sell, so what am I doing? What nobody is telling you is that you can make a product launch without having a product.

That sounds unreal, sounds like a scam, but it isn't. Right? Listen, so the product launch is basically just anticipating people that something's coming. It doesn't mean that the product you create, the product that's coming has to be yours so you can do a whole launch with good prelaunch content with everything you can find on the Internet and execute the coolest strategies on earth.

The cool thing about it is you can focus whole 100% on your launch, on your prelaunch content, only the sales page and sell somebody else's product with affiliate marketing, right? That's it. That's the whole game changer.

You just find the highest converting product you can find in your niche. Let's say you're selling on Shopify course or something, just go on ClickBank, find the one who has the best conversion rate.

See what's it they are saying on the sales message and on the sales pages, on the webinars or something and look how much the percentage of the affiliate commission.

If it works for you if the prices are high, let’s say it’s a 997 webinar and you get like 50%, that’s $500 say you make every time and the effort is worth it to make a product launch out of it. Just make the process I shared with you right now and in the last couple of episodes, take the affiliate product and do your whole own promotion around the product.

It’s amazing and when you have chosen the product that you want to promote, you can make like bonuses. That’s the one thing that separates super affiliates from ones that aren’t very good. The first thing is you do the product launch to promote it, but second, you add bonuses if they buy it through your link.

You can do like an additional checklist or like an interview with the creator of the product or let’s say you implemented something from the course or product that you promoting or your experiences.

Let’s say you have done researches on this Shopify course and you have like 10 products or 20 products that are working really good if in combination with this course and then you make a special bonus in ThriveCart and make like an automated delivery or something. When somebody buys through your link, they get all these bonuses for free.

Then you are like the unicorn in your market because yeah, it’s your special place in the market and everybody who’s thinking about buying this course is usually typing in product x review and then they go on Google and all these affiliates are pitching the same offer.

They just pick between the affiliate link saying how great the course is and everything, but nobody’s giving like bonuses and you’re the only one giving bonuses. Then they will choose you over everybody else and then you’ll make more money than them and you have this prelaunch content and you can provide the value through emailing them.

You can even make your own sales page and instead of collecting the money yourself, you just send them to ClickBank or Thrivecart affiliate stuff or something. It’s amazing, really, really good stuff.

If you want to learn how to create this whole process, like create, launch and sell your own digital product, like a video course or coaching program, I’m preparing myself a free workshop for you where you can sign up and I coach you through the whole process and yeah, we get you results, we get you to the six-figure mark.

With this model, it’s pretty easy for a beginner to make the first couple of sales and for veterans who are making like five figures or something a year and want to get to six or seven figures to get to that level.

Then just this workshop is not out yet, right, because I’m preparing for you right now, but it’s a bigger project and I want to make sure it’s a very good project, a workshop that gets you actually results and this is why I created a waiting list for you.

Just go into the show notes, go on marketersociety.com and then sign up for the waiting list and I’ll notify you when we launch.

This is it for this episode, and if you want to listen further to this podcast, just go and binge listen to all of those great episodes that will benefit you and your business. Bye Bye.

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