My Secret 14 Step Product Launch Checklist For Selling Courses Online

By  Sam Peiffer

Are you looking for a Product Launch Checklist for selling courses online? I compiled some things that I’m looking at when I launch products online to make sure I’m selling and creating the best possible online course. The things on the checklist are in no order. Every point is as important as the other when it comes to the actual launch.

So if you’re trying selling courses online, these steps will help you make money. I’ll explain them in detail in this episode.

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In this episode you’re going to discover:

  • Check if checkout pages are working
  • Are you using payment plans?
  • Are your countdown timers set to the correct deadline
  • Is your sales message simple and easy to understand?
  • Have you built a waiting list of people who beg to buy your product?
  • Are you using urgency and scarcity in your launch?
  • Do you have a clear understanding on who your audience actually is?
  • Have you delivered value in your pre-launch?
  • Is your sales funnel as simple as it could be?
  • Is your customer support available during launch?
  • Is your product delivery automated and working?
  • Is your product solving a specific problem or get people results?
  • Is there a demand for your product or idea?
  • Are other people selling product in your niche?
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Welcome to the show. In this episode, I show you my secret 14 step product launch checklist for selling courses online. So if this is the first episode you're hearing on this podcast, consider subscribing and following this podcast.

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So this episode is all about this launch checklist for selling courses online. And these steps on the checklist or stuff on the checklist are in no particular order.

Every item is as important as the other. So I just use this checklist for making sure that my product launches and my procreation doesn't suck and actually makes money and gets me results.

So if you just begin and you're just starting out and you don't know everything, what's on the checklist or something is not clear, don't worry, I'll cover everything in future podcast episodes, or I already have covered something, or I make YouTube videos or something and you can even Google some stuff off those.

So, right. The first thing is your checkout pages. Are your checkout pages working? And this is the most important thing in my opinion because if your checkout pages don't work, you can't make money obviously, and so many people are making the greatest product launches, the greatest products, but when it comes to selling the page doesn't even load. People want to give you money but they can't, and that's the first thing you need to make sure.

Can you collect the money? And after that, if you're using any one time payment for let's say 997 or so for your online course, then most of people don't have as much money right now, so you have to provide a payment plan. That's the second step. Are you using payment plans? And after that, because you will collect more money if you use payment plans, that's right.

So what you want to do after you have your payment plan and everything, you need to absolutely make sure, if you're using scarcity on your launch, like countdown timers and stuff, that these timers are working correctly. If the timers don't work correctly and people can sign up for your product launch or go through the sales video and even if the timer is not working correctly by a minute or so, you miss out on sales, right?

So what you need to do is you need to get the best software you can for the countdown timer. It's very important because most page builder have countdown timers, but they do not perform as great as they could be because if you're using it on the page and let's say after five minutes it redirects to, "We are closed," page or so, and it's not working for everybody on the same time or in the emails and stuff, it can get really messy and you miss out on sales.

So what I use is a tool called Deadline Funnel. I'll link it to you in the show notes. It's amazing. They have a free trial. You can test it. I made so many product launches without even paying for the software because it's a 14 day free trial and product launch are usually 10 days or so. So I always sign up for a new trial and then make the launch.

You can even do evergreen launches and stuff, but what's the most important feature for me is that I can send emails with a countdown timer and the countdown timer's synced to the page for everybody at the same time.

So if somebody joins my list tomorrow and somebody joined today, they have both the same deadline in the email and it's counting and counting. And if you go to emails from last week or so, it's the same headline as the email today. So a great option if you're using countdown timers is Deadline Funnel. I'll link it to you in the show notes.

And the next part of the checklist is, is your sales message simple and easy to understand? Because a confused mind is a mind that doesn't buy your stuff, right? So focus on one selling point, one problem to solve, and then sell one product that solves the problem, right?

So is your message simple? That's why sales messages that work on the third grade level work better than let's say some that are super high complex written by a PhD or something. So that's very important that you do that.

So the next one is, have you built a waiting list of people to beg to buy from you, your product, right? So people have to line up. People have to wait in line for you to sell them your product. That's the whole reason why you built your waiting list, your launch list, and then sell your online course, right?

So are you doing that or are you just collecting random emails? So if you're collecting random emails, you're doing something wrong because your list isn't engaged and as targeted as possible. And like I said in the past episodes of this podcast, I actually did a product launch with 89 people and made about 5000-ish euros or so and 2200 recurring revenue from 89 people. So that's the power of the waiting list, right?

So next, are you using urgency and scarcity in your launch? Like I said with the countdown timer, this goes hand in hand, but are you using urgency and scarcity in any shape or form in your product launch?

I made an episode, I think it was yesterday on the podcast, where I told you that you can use scarcity to boost your sales. So the price goes up, product goes away, bonuses are going down or something. Are are using this? If not, incorporate it because it makes you more money.

So next thing is, do you have a clear understanding of who is your target audience and what do they actually want? So if you do have know who your customer is, who else would know that? Right?

How can you target your customers if you don't know who they are? So that's something that you need to be really focused on. Find out who your customer is and then deliver something they actually want, because if you don't know it, nobody else will. So if you don't know it, nobody else will know it. Right?

So next one, have you delivered value in your prelaunch? So I see so many people that launch products and make prelaunch content and build buzz, build hype, but they don't deliver value.

They just making sales presentation every time and don't deliver advice that people could actually implement and get even results with their prelaunch content, because I think if I can provide value first and people make money with it or people lose weight or whatever people want to do, then they want to come back and give me money, because if I can get them the results they want fast and the stuff is free that I give them, then they think, "Okay, if the free stuff give me results like that, I wonder what happens if I buy his stuff."

And that's where the magic happens. So that's what you need to focus on, deliver value, and especially give them more value that they give you money for. So if they give you $1000, the value should at least be 10 times of that, right?

So next one is, is your sales funnel easy, simple and not complicated? Because there are so many types of funnels right now and everybody's talking about the latest and greatest funnel strategy that's super complex, and people that tell you that you need a big funnel and everything, they are usually lying to you because the simpler it is, the more money it will make.

It's always the simplest and the most targeted, the most clear message, the most clear sales funnel, most solid sales funnel that always wins.

So that's why I personally use one page websites or sometimes I just do a video on a sales page and nothing else or a simple webinar or something. It really works.

So you don't need a five step funnel, a 10 step funnel, upsells, downsells, cross-sales and a big value ladder or something. You don't need that. So make sure that it's really clear, that it's very simple and everybody's understanding what you're doing. Nobody gets confused. Right?

So next thing on my checklist is, is the customer support available during launch? Especially during launch, because you have much traffic, people are signing up for your course and you can mess up things. And every time I see it, every time in my launches too, and in my product creation or when I sell online courses, the thing is, if people engage with your product, many people see your sales page and signing up for your product, sometimes things get messed up.

And usually the most asked questions are, "How can I access my product? Where are my logins? Why is my product not showing up? I didn't receive my login credentials," and everything. And for this, you need a dedicated email address, let's say support at blah blah blah dot com or so, and you use that one for helping your customers out in the first couple of days.

That's very important. So is your customer support available? You can do it yourself, but hire somebody on Upwork for $3 now so is enough. Write them templates they can send people based on those questions I gave you right now.

So the next one, is your product delivery automated and working? So this goes hand in hand with the one before. So if your product delivery is not automated, let's say you make 100 sales, it gets very time consuming, especially on the last day of your launch because you make the most money and the most sales at that day, and if you're sending out stuff by hand, it gets really messed up and you don't want to do that.

So think about a way that you can automate your stuff that works for you. That's why I use ClickFunnels, ThriveCart and Deadline Funnel for this one, because Deadline Funnel is for scarcity, ClickFunnels is for the membership area I built, and ThriveCart has an easy integration when somebody buys and they deliver the product. You put a link there and it works. It just works. It's amazing.

Next one is, is your product solving a specific problem or get people results? That's the question I always ask myself when I start creating my course for selling online, because if I don't solve a problem, nobody would care, right? People will always move away from pain. They have a pain in the life and they want the relief, right?

And if I don't address this problem and I can't solve it, it doesn't make sense. People who want to get results. After they get away from the problem, they actually want a result. They want to grow, right? And that's the question I always ask, how can I solve the problem and how can I get people results as fast as possible? Right?

So next one, is there even a demand for your product or your idea? And I combine it with the question of, are there other people selling online courses too, or are there other other people selling courses online too? So that's the biggest factor because when I coach people, the first thing they say to me is, "Hey, I can't do that because he has already done this," or, "I can't launch a course on how to get apps because this, this, this, and that guy has a course on how to get apps."

That's bullshit. That's really bullshit because what other people are doing is working right now, right? They do it and this works for them. And what does it say you? It tells you that it's working correctly for them. So why shouldn't it work for you?

That's the mindset you should adapt, because if nobody else is doing it and you are the first one, that's a scary place to be in because nobody has proven to you that this niche or this product idea is working. So don't reinvent the wheel here. So just pick something and then go in there and make it your own.

Let's say somebody is doing a course about how to get apps and you do a course on how to get apps with the keto diet or something. So you have done something on your own and that's your own unique thing right now. And that's how you should approach this one.

So this is my whole checklist. And if you want help with this process and you want to get your product creation, your product selling and your product launch for online courses done fast and the right way, I actually launched a free workshop that's showing you exactly that, but it's not available right now.

So I'm preparing the whole class right now so you can join the waiting list and sign up for them for free. So the ticket is for free because you're a listener of this podcast and I'll link it to you in the show notes and just sign up for that and I'll message you when we go live.

And I teach you how to create, launch and sell your online courses from scratch if you're a beginner and without the technical staff and everything. So the easy way, the no bullshit way, like I do it myself.

So if you liked the podcast episode, go to the iTunes, review it, leave a good five star review there and follow the podcast. I'm doing it right now every day so I get used to this whole podcasting, and that's what you should do, too. Listen to it every day and listen to the episodes often. Listen to it every day, once or twice even, because every bit that you get, every golden nugget you get from these episodes will help you build your online business faster. So that's it for today, and bye bye.

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