SamCart vs. ThriveCart – Which Is The Best Checkout Software Four Your Online Business?

By  Sam Peiffer

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In this episode you’re going to discover:

  • My Honest Comparison Of SamCart vs. ThriveCart
  • Pros & Cons For Selling Digital & Physical Products
  • Which Checkout Software Suits Your Business Best?
  • How To Handle Multiple Autoresponders, Payment Gateways & Automate Product Delivery
  • How I Sell My Book On Autopilot (Yes, Even The Fulfillment Part)
  • How To Create One Page Launches With Embedded Orderforms
  • And Much More…
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Welcome to the show, today I want to talk about SamCart versus ThriveCart and which is the best checkout software for you.

And if this is the first episode you're hearing on this podcast, please go on iTunes, subscribe and leave a five star rating if you find this podcast helpful in your business and in your life and if it had a value. Today, I want to talk about SamCart versus ThriveCart obviously.

And why do you need to use a checkout software in the first place? If you want to make money, there is only one way to actually get the payment from your client or your customers.

Online we use two things, we use the payment gateway and you use the checkout software. The payment gateway is where all the money is going through. So it's Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, and what have you. The second part of it is it has to be programmed in some kind of a webpage, right?

All your customer management needs to go in someplace. This is where your checkout software comes in and your checkout software is embedded on new, say your website or an order form or you even create those separate order form kind of things where you can see subdomain.Thrivecart.com and that's your whole checkouts are hosted on those subdomain and it's separate from your website.

So those two kind of options you have when it comes to checkout pages. But you absolutely need to have one because otherwise you can't process payments. What you have to do in this case is decide what's the best one for you. And this episode is about it.

Because you want to make money online, you want to sell online courses and launch new products and coach people and make money with your passion, teaching other people, right?

Or sell physical products. Maybe you're an author or something and want to sell your book. And I can tell you from experience, I have a solution that can make your book delivery automated.

So you just have to focus on sales and not on fulfilling your product because it's completely automated. This is what this whole episode is about.

What can SamCart and ThriveCart both do for you? You have the ability to create checkout pages instantly with beautifully designed templates. You can do upselling, cross-selling and what have you with one click to boost conversions and sales and make even more money with your existing traffic. Upselling is when you just make one sale and after that you say, hey, do you want this and this with it?

McDonald's invented this in a sense because they had, if you bought a burger, they said, hey, do you want fries with it? And yeah, everybody wants fries with the burgers. And so they started upselling, right?

Both tools integrate with even out responders and CRMs and payment processes and everything. But more to that in a second, because there's a limitation in SamCart I want to talk about. Both offer you coupon codes and special offers and whatnot.

You can use coupons for special promotions or something. Both let you run your own affiliate program that's completely controlled by you and not by a third party platform like ClickBank or something when you can set your whole commissions and everything, bonus delivery for affiliates and everything.

What I think is very important with a checkout software is the function of abandoned cart followup. If somebody is typing in their name, email and everything but doesn't buy the product, usually those people are gone and gone forever and they won't come back.

So this is where abandoned cart followups come into place and both give you the opportunity to do so.

The next part is automated membership and product delivery. This is the most important for me because I'm selling physical products as well as digital products and I want my customers of my coaching programs and everything get instant access when they sign up for a coaching program.

The first thing I want to talk about in this episode is which checkout software has more integrations? Because let's face it, you are using tools in your business and you don't want to switch from them for whatever reason and just use what you already have and make it better with ThriveCart or SamCart.

What we have to do here is look for the software that has the most integrations so we don't have to change our overall tool box. In this case, a ThriveCart has more than double the integrations that SamCart has.

And if you are looking on the blog or something and I update the post, you're seeing exactly what everything, the complete comparison between integrations. But you can go to both SamCart and ThriveCart page to see what the difference are here. But let's look at it.

Just to name a few, ThriveCart has authorized an active campaign, a AWeber, any autoresponders that use html, so basically every autoresponder on earth, disk.com, Digital Access Pass, DRIP, GetResponse, Google Play, Google Sheets and even has Apple Pay and stuff, which I think SamCart doesn't, has print on demand stuff for like Printful and everything.

The coolest thing about it is that ThriveCart actually can fulfill your print on demand books. I have never seen a service that can do this, right? SamCart doesn't have print on demand books, but it has MailChimp, WishList Member.

Both of them have Zapier of course, because Zapier is like a connection between every tool but natively integrated with deep integration. I would recommend ThriveCart because it has more than double of the integrations then SamCart has. This point goes to ThriveCart.

Next thing I want to talk about is what I like most about ThriveCart is the automated book delivery. I talk right now, so as you may know or may not know, I'm an author and I wrote a German book about e-commerce where I teach people how to build an e-commerce business in 60 days or less without paid advertising. It's basically a book about building a e-commerce brand, right? So like Bulletproof Coffee or something.

The coolest thing about this process is I researched everything about selling my book automated because usually you just have to order, let's say 5,000 copies and then you store them in your garage and every week or something you take your whole orders and then you go to the post office and ship the whole batch.

Let's say we sell 500 books a week or something and you have to go with 500 books to the post office, pay the shipping and everything packages up and then it takes you more time to fulfill the orders.

Then it's actually selling a product and when you're first starting out, you're doing everything by yourself, right? So you don't have the money or something to hire some people. Of course, if you have the money to hire some people you could do that. But you could also use just a tool, a check out tool like ThriveCart that has built in integrations with fulfillment services that can do that for you.

What I use for myself, it's called Lulu fulfillment and they have a deep integration. I just have to upload my script, my interiors of the book and my exterior, that's the cover. And every time someone makes a purchase, ThriveCart pushes the contact details of the customer to the Lulu xPress and then Lulu fulfills it automatically.

Internationally, I pay around 11 euro, that's like $12 for a book purchase. So every time someone purchases shipping internationally is like seven euro or something and four euro is print or three euro, it depends on how big your book is and what quality you choose in everything.

In the U.S., when you're writing and selling only to U.S. customers it will get around four to five dollars, or something, for automated book delivery, and that's huge. It's amazing because you don't have to hire anybody to fulfill your orders, which can cost you big time. It's my favorite feature and SamCart sadly doesn't have this feature.

What I like too about ThriveCart is the next part, and Samcart and ThriveCart both allow you to add autoresponders to your checkout system. So every time someone purchased something or makes an abandoned cart or needs to get a follow up or touch or something, both let you do that.

But SamCart is limited in a way that it just lets you have one autoresponder. And ThriveCart you can connect any autoresponder you want and then set behavioral rules and say, for example, if someone buys at them to my DRIP account on the buyers list and then my active campaign and the buyers list and everything and the follow up for non purchasers are just done in DRIP and everything and you could automate everything.

It's based on behavior and if someone refunds, remove them from the buyer's list and you can do that across multiple autoresponders. That's a huge selling point for me and that's why I chose for myself ThriveCart.

The next thing is embedded order form. So I like the concept of a one page launch or a one page funnel where your sales page doesn't move away, your checkout page doesn't move away from the sales page.

If you see a sales video have some kind of form that I publish, the autoform is almost always on the sales page. If you click a button, a order form will either appear or it will scroll down to a order form or something, and then you could checkout on the same page.

And with Samcart it's a bit more complex to do those. And thrivecart just have this little piece of code you choose embeddable checkout and you paste it in inside of click funnels or something.

And it just appears in, it's totally mobile responsive and you can do a one column checkout or two column or something.

For my German book, I have on the sales page or two step checkout like all the great marketers have with the two step checkout. First one is just the shipping address and the second one is the one with the billing information. Then after someone purchases, obviously the whole upselling process starts. That's what is in my experience, what I experienced.

The next one is very important to me because I need support when I buy software, I want support because when I can use a feature the correct way, my business depends on it, right?

When I put all eggs in the basket and choose for example, Samcart or Thrivecart, I want to make it the best experience as possible for me and for my customer. And if something is bug you or something, I could lose thousands of dollars every single day.

So support is an absolute must. From experience, when I write to contact the support, when I use ThriveCart, they always write emails back and they have this nice customer support center where all of your tickets are stored and everything and you can see the whole conversation you have with them.

And the coolest part is that they are really fast in support, not like instantly or something, but once a day I get an email back and they even go into the accounts and change stuff for you if you can't do things. That's very amazing.

SamCart is also great with support, but ThriveC art is a little bit better because it has this support center where everything is stored for you and you can see everything like your whole history of support tickets and stuff. And it's amazing.

And you can look ThriveCart support online, you see every customer is very satisfied with the support. For me right now and the position where I am, I'm using salespeople in my business and I'm using a joint venture partner and everything.

I need a way to pay out commissions. What I like to do is just using the onboard affiliate platform that ThriveCart offers. So if I would use Samcart, Samcart has a affiliate platform too.

I can tell you what both have in common. The first one is you can create affiliates or import affiliates into your accounts. Both of them can do this. You can create custom affiliate commissions for specific affiliates then you can choose different products or services that you would like to promote for an affiliate or for your high ticket close or something.

You can select what type of commissions you want and to structure the way you want. You can do if he's getting a percentage or a fixed fee or something. And you can manage your affiliates very easily or create custom signup pages. What's very good because you can use a page builder, like ClickFunnels, make a really compelling sales page where you pitch your whole affiliate program and then you use this page as a sign up page for your affiliate program. Both of those can do it very good.

And the stats are amazing in both but with ThriveCart, if you use it, you have more options. The custom sign up page for affiliates is only available in ThriveCart, so SamCart doesn't have this.

Next thing is you have the ability to pay a fee. It's out instantly, right? This is only available in ThriveCart. When somebody makes a sale, they get the commission in the same second.

That comes in handy if you're just starting out and you want to make, let's say a JV launch or something, and you can make your selling point like, hey, if somebody makes a sale from you here, I give you the commission instantly, 100% instantly or something.

So they are more than committed to send you traffic and make some money because they know, okay, it's paid out in the same second and I don't have to wait 30 to 60 days until the cooling off period that most affiliate programs are offering.

That becomes a huge selling point for you. And when I'm doing high ticket stuff and my closers want the money, I just say, hey, ThriveCart, give them 50% commissions instantly and after 30 days, give them the other 50%. That's what I do in the affiliate program.

Of course, you can import people without needing them to sign up. Just create an account for them and put in everything, give them their affiliate links, they don't have to go through your whole horrible process of signing up. That comes in handy with JVs because they don't have usually much time. That's important for me.

And what I like most is when an affiliate makes a sale, I can choose behavior rules. So I can use different automations based on different affiliates and it's very cool and use like bonus delivery or something.

Let's say you are an affiliate for my product or something and you want to promote it and give some bonuses with the sale of the affiliate product, then you can add just some bonuses, you can add tracking code, your Facebook's Pixel and everything. And if you make an affiliate sale it will be tracked inside your Facebook ads account.

And the bonuses were delivered to the customer after the purchase. That's amazing, it's really crazy.

And next thing I would like to talk about the payment of mobile payment is important for me because when I sell books, most people are, let's say 50% of the people that buy are actually coming from my YouTube channel and they are looking at watching my videos from the phone.

So the ability to have Apple Pay and Google Pay, it's very important for me because yeah, let's face it, I make more money with it. That's just it. Period. In this case, I always choose ThriveCart because it has seamless integration and makes it very easy for you.

The cool thing about it, when I launched my book, the first day I made, let's think it was something between five and 600 euro with it, so almost a hundred sales. And the fulfillment was automated and everything and the whole checkout process worked seamless.

So I had never ever someone complaining about the service or I'm not receiving the product or something.

Back then, three or four years ago I used Zaxaa and Zaxaa is terrible, I hate them. They have so bad customer support and everything. I wouldn't recommend anybody to use Zaxaa because more than 70% of the people never receive products from me. And this was crazy.

I created this huge big flagship courses, it's what I call them, with amazing content. And the product was great. I sold them for 9.97 and they didn't receive the fucking product. That's crazy. And if the people who receive the email actually, with your login credentials, and waited for three days or more, they had to create a Zaxaa account just to get their purchase. And they say we do that because we want to protect your purchase.

We want to protect your product from people who are sending out their login credentials and we need to verify them, and everything, sounds good in theory, but in the real world it does not work.

And it's just a way for them to get more signups. It's so scammy. I don't like that business model at all and that's why I went on the journey to discover a better checkout processor.

What's important to subscriptions and everything, and for me subscriptions needs to be changed by the customer. So if a customer doesn't want, let's say we have three plans, one is $100 one is $200 and one is $300 then you obviously don't want to do the whole customer support thing.

Just when somebody wants to change a plan or something and wants to upgrade or downgrade, he doesn't need to go through the whole asking process. Instead, he could just go in his membership area and change it by himself.

And this is, I'm reducing my customer support costs big time. So that's amazing with a ThriveCart and I think it's the only platform that executed it very well.

And let's say, for example, if you have like a membership site with two or three different pricing tiers with a monthly plan, like I said right now, and your first one is a free monthly, let's say 14 days free trial. And after that, a monthly charge and you can upsell them with ThriveCart and replace the monthly plan with the yearly plan.

And this is a huge conversion booster and usually both plans are activated. And, if you say, sell a yearly plan, both plans are activated and you have to deactivate the monthly plan by hand. This is what 99% of all those other checkout platforms will do.

The checkout process is okay in ClickFunnels, but you can't do it like advanced features like that, right? So basically you get the half of the features in SamCart that you get in ThriveCart.

And the good thing about is ThriveCart is not a monthly fee, they will shift to a monthly fee soon, but right now you can go and take a beta access, it's what I call right now, and you can get it for a one time purchase, lifetime purchase, that's the best part about it.

And that's the deal here, right? So SamCart has three pricing tiers. Basic one is $19, the pro one is $99, and the premium one is $199 per month. And that's very high in my opinion because it's more than, if you go with the premium one, it's the one that closest match to the ThriveCart one, right? So it's comparable.

In SamCart, you pay for the whole year, pay for the whole year. You pay basically 200 times 12 so $2,400 around that one. And ThriveCart is only a one time purchase of, I don't know the exact price right now it's between six and $800 or something.

Depends on what kind of license you get. So, and it's one time, right? So you don't have fees or something.

If you’re used to making sales with a affiliate checkout process, let’s say I’m ClickBank or something, then they charge you a percentage of the sale and that’s very common with checkout software.

But you can just cut this part out of your business right now, you don’t have to worry about this because ThriveCart doesn’t, or even Sam card doesn’t charge you money for making sales, right?

They just want their monthly fee or the one time fee and that’s it.

I linked both softwares in the show notes so you can check them out, read the whole information pages and compare them by yourself. But that’s my honest review about it. And I use ThriveCart in my business and it’s a one time purchase and that’s the biggest selling point for me because I don’t like to have monthly recurring payments.

That cuts cost really big time. So one or two sales, if you’re switching from a commission-based checkout system to ThriveCart, let’s say, is making you more money right now than if you have to pay a checkout system that charges you commission or something and it’s free. So that’s it.

Just to sum it all up, which is better, ThriveCart or SamCart? I would go with ThriveCart because it has better customer support, better payment options. It’s easier to set up in general because they have this very amazing product creation workflow where you’re basically answering questions and in one or two minutes you have set up a brand new product.

And next thing is to the savings you have. So ThriveCart is only a fifth of the price or something from the yearly SamCart subscription.

And after that SamCart gets more expensive and more expensive and you just pay for the same thing but you don’t receive anything more. What I also like is the custom, the increased integrations that you have, the better behavioral rules that you can set up multiple autoresponders and everything.

It comes really in handy. And if you join, if you want to try any of the software link under the show notes and if you decided on one and want to start selling, creating and launching new products and preparing a workshop right now that’s teaching you exactly that, how to create, launch and sell your own digital product fast.

And some tools like ThriveCart and SamCart are essential for doing this. So this is it for this episode. See you in the next one. Bye Bye.

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