Become A Speaker For The Marketer Society Digital Summit And...

Get 100% Commission, Huge List Growth And Great Content To Promote

  • You Get 100% Commisson On Every Sale Of The "All Access Pass" Summit Recording Offer You Make When You Schedule An Interview (Normal Affiliates only get 50%)
  • Every Interview Can Be Used As Soft Pitch For Your Lead Magnet / Webinar / Strategy Session
  • Speakers Will Be Promoted By A Fresh Email List With Thousands Of Targeted Subscribers
  • You Get The Opportunity To Promote A Free To Attend Summit Which Delivers Tons Of Added Value
  • You'll Get Brand Awareness Because Your Actual Face Is Next To Top Industry Leaders
  • and Much More!

What's The Schedule Of This Digital Summit?

Interview Gathering Till X

This is the time where you can schedule a Zoom or Skype call with me. We'll record the content and use that as the interview. If you want to be on camera with me in the same room, we can meet in Panama City, but contact me first.

Live Summit

From 13. to 23. Jan 2020 the summit will be live. So our interview will be seen from thousands of people at this time.


Pre-Opening Phase

This is a short hyping phase before the summit where every speaker promotes from 5. to 12. Jan 2020

Closing The Cart

We close down the paid summit offer within 72h (23. to 26. Jan. 2020 at midnight) Most of the "All Access Pass" Replays will be sold in that period.

What Is The Digital Summit All About?

The whole virtual summit is based on one question:

"If you lost your whole business, need to start from scratch without a list, reputation or connections how would you create, launch and sell your new digital product so that you can feed your family within the next 90 days?"

The overall topic or niche is making money with digital products like video courses, coaching programs and software applications.

Every speaker presents his own strategy on building a scalable 6-figure+ business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my interview / presentation be?

When will my interview be broadcasted?

How much experts are you bringing to this summit?

When do I get paid & is it automated?

What about refunds?

What about my sales, reporting and bonuses?

Do you have email swipe copy for me?

How many people will sign up for the summit?

Why are you offering 100% commission?

I want to promote my product in my interview. What are typical conversion rates I can expect?

When do I see sales coming?

How is the customer care of the summit?

Can you tell me about conversion rates?

SAMUEL PEIFFER  //  International Author, Podcaster & YouTuber

I built my personal brand internationally and started 3 years ago with nothing. 

I made a couple hundred videos on YouTube, collected across different platforms 40.000+ followers in Germany alone, wrote a book about Ecom and launched a bunch of 6 figure online courses.

This virtual summit is my next project that builds on top of that.

And I think it will be a great opportunity for both - you and I. 

I'm excited to talk to you,


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