Top 10 Shopify Dropshipping Products For Your Online Shop

By  Sam Peiffer

Let’s take a look at one of the most frequently asked questions that should be fundamental in your online business. What Dropshipping products should I sell? Finding Dropshipping products is tricky enough…so I've put my top 10 products together for you right here, which you can also use as a beginner to successfully start Dropshipping with Shopify.

So You Can Find The Right Dropshipping Products

01. Inflatable Air Sofas

The inflatable air sofa! This is such a cool thing and is so good for Dropshipping because it does what it says on the tin. Your customers can see exactly what they’re getting and see how fun this product is. You can sell a ton of these during warm summers. Check it out!

02. Lazy Neck iphone Holder

Now for my second product – The Lazy iPhone holder. For starters it’s a really good target group for every iPhone user, but you can also set this in your Facebook Ad Manager for potential customers. Its practicality is paramount here and with the right pain points you can get more impulse buyers.  Even the ad design is super quick and easy.

03. Foldable Coffee Mugs

This is such a cool item for your Dropshipping online shop with Shopify. Almost every coffee drinker can relate to the problem of having to carry round a bulky coffee mug all day when it’s empty. Here you’ll already have a good reference for your copy in your Shopfiy online store. The target audience is clear, and the ad can be simply switched.

04. Shower Foot Scrubber

This is a very interesting item. It reminds me of a product you’d see on the teleshopping channel, but I promise you it totally works! Anyone who cleverly pays attention to this target group can create a long-running favourite for their Shopify store. There are plenty of people out there whose feet ache so you have the opportunity to help these people. Again – a great reference.

05. Sock Aid

Mainly for older people, this is an increasingly important topic. You really have to be careful here about how you choose the right target group because not many older people actually use Facebook – well at least in Germany you tend to think that. You can see the point I'm trying to make here because in the US, for example, it looks really different and unique. It can also be pretty useful for people who are too lazy to put their socks on by themselves.

06. Wine Bottle Lock

More of a fun gadget is the wine bottle lock. First of all – parents can stop their kids from enjoying their best wine. And secondly, it looks like you’ve found one of the best and funniest birthday gifts here. Whoever really get's going with this one will have a huge target audience. Ideal for those who never know what to give their best friend.

07. Tactical Backpacks

Tactical backpacks are among my favourite Shopify Shop items because it’s a permanent seller in the niche ‘survival' market. This lets the most diverse customers meet their needs. The need to be best prepared for the next adventure. The need to have everything with you – make your move with this great product for your Dropshipping online shop.

08. Salad Slicer Bowl

An awesome item when cooking. Whether it’s women or men you’re targeting, this thing is sure to be an absolute sell-out. A good start would be to simply get it shipped via Aliexpress and then record a cool video ad which shows how easy it is to use.

09. Pet Grooming Glove

For you pet lovers out there, I present the dog and cat glove. I own 2 small French Bulldogs myself, and they have short hair but that can be pretty annoying. So, I guess on the one hand the product itself is very useful and on the other, you’re caring for man’s best friend. This is a great product for your Dropshipping shop.

10. Inflatable Dog Collar

In keeping with the pet theme, I give you the inflatable dog collar. A really fun item, well at least according to the way it looks. Pet owners can be targeted here because nothing is more important than the health of the smallest family member! Being inflatable means it’s easy to send, with no large cancellation rates. Just try this product yourself if you want to gain a foothold in this niche market.

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