8 Reasons Why I Use Automated Webinars To Make Money Online

By  Sam Peiffer

In the last 3 years alone I made millions of euros with just one webinar. If you want to hear that story how I created my first webinar that made me 7 figures please go back. This episode is all about why I only use automated webinars to make some quick bucks online and why you should too.

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Welcome to the show. Today I want to talk about eight reasons why I use automated webinars to make money online. If this is the first episode you’re ever hearing on this show, please go on iTunes or wherever you’re hearing these episodes and please subscribe and leave a five star rating if you get any value out of it.

And why is this important to you? Why should you use webinars to build your business? And I don’t give you one reason today, I give you eight actually.

And the first reason for me personally is that I can sell higher ticket items. So I don’t need to sell products that are like $100 or something or $50. I can actually go out there and sell products that range from 300 Euro to 2500 Euros.

So that gives me the advantage to pay for advertising, pay affiliates, create a bunch of content, invest so much time into this webinar promotion because when I do just one sale, I can make a full time income with it.

So it’s worth it. So just making one sales pays for a whole month for a single person, right? So imagine if you do like five sets or so at 2000 Euro price point, then you make 10000 Euros. So you can really use high ticket products here.

And the key to make money with this webinars and with advertising is really sell higher ticket products. That’s the most important thing. Next, the webinar is the most or the fastest way to build authority and trust. So what do I mean by that?

So when you just put an ad on Facebook or YouTube or wherever you can put some ads and you say, „Buy my stuff,“ nobody will buy it. Okay? Some people will, but most of them won’t. So in order to make the sale, you need to first build some trust so people know you and they trust you because you tell your story and they can relate to you.

So you are in the same position as they are and they feel understood. And the next thing is, I like this person, I trust him. But is he the real deal? Does he know what he's talking about? And that's where authority kicks in and the webinar is the fastest way to get there.

And because you can A, share your story and B, share some valuable content that actually gets some results. And then you have the perfect combination of the trustworthiness and the authority. Next, my third reason why I think webinars are the real deal and why I use them is you can break false belief patterns.

So if you think about what keeps people from buying your product, that's called a false belief pattern. Because if people buy your product, they will get a result. And if they have those false belief about your product, they won't buy.

And you need to break this false belief in order to get them to take action. And let's say your false belief is you have a e-commerce course or something and you teach people how to build an WooCommerce online shop or something.

And the first false belief that comes into your mind is obviously A, I don't know how I can build this. I'm not the tech guy. B, I don't have any products to sell. And C, I don't know if I, even if I had the product and the online shop, I don't know how I get customers.

And so these are three things that I'm holding people back from success. And as soon as you break them, people will buy it. And that's a pretty nice thing about webinars. So you can really talk about those false belief patterns and break them and actually show people how it could be done in a perfect world and give them step by step guidance on this.

So the fastest way, and the fourth reason why I use evergreen webinars, and especially with EverWebinar, and that's my favorite tool on that. And I kind of make a whole podcast episode just about EveryWebinar we know because it's so great.

But that's for another one. And evergreen webinars or automated webinars are the perfect way to generate super fans. So it's the fastest way when you first meet somebody and after the webinar he will be a super fan because you put up an ad and he clicks on the ad and then he schedules the call with you.

And in the webinar you tell your whole story, you teach them content, you deliver world value, and he even buys your product. And after he bought your product, man, he spent two hours with you online. And that's huge.

In today's world, even seven seconds is much. So the average attention span of the goldfish is nine or so. And we humans have like seven seconds attention span. So you have a two hour or so attention span of a prospect and that's amazing. So he gets, it's really a super fan. And next up, my fifth reason why I use evergreen webinars is because it's the most valuable source for leads and the best way to generate some leads online.

So last year I did a live webinar actually and had 3135 visitors. I'm looking right now at the webinar [inaudible 00:05:56] stats. My sign up rate was 20% and 15000 people saw the registration page. So I had 20% opt in rate there.

I did not do a replay or so and 59% of them were live. So I had around one 1860 people online and I pitched a 497 year old product and closed 4% of the whole audience.

So in one day I made 36778 Euros in one day. And that’s insane. And not only did I make this much money, but I had these 3135 leads. And it’s huge. If you want to do the numbers, that’s almost 20 Euro per attendee. So it’s insane.

And that’s why I think if you even automate this thing, it’s the most profitable thing in the world. So that’s the reason why I use webinars the most and why I think it’s the most profitable thing that you can do. Next thing is that you can use urgency and scarcity when you do webinars, because you can say there is no replay.

You can say the offer expires after the webinar or it’s only available for three days after the webinar and then comes down or so. And usually you can even say if you missed the webinar, then you’re screwed, man.

I don’t do this webinar again. And so people would sign up, people would take action to buy your product. And it’s just this great synergy of awesomeness that helps you make more money. So the next thing is about exclusivity.

So webinars are an exclusive thing because people take time out of the day and schedule the call. So when you say the webinars five hours on three days or something, then they are part of something that happens in the future and they anticipate to that moment. And the coolest thing about it is that not everybody can see you and consume this content that you’re sharing with them.

So it’s not a public thing. So it’s very exclusive and makes them part of something that’s bigger than themselves. And they have this really, really good experience and can get value out of a presentation like that.

And even some webinars where have people on them, they got results even when we were live. So we were 60 minutes in and some way texted in the chat, „Hey, I got my first sale and it was so amazing. So it’s the best thing that ever happened to me in a life presentation.“ And from then on I enjoyed doing webinars.

So the last thing about automated webinars is I really like having a Q and A. So if people have any question you can answer them. And usually I do the Q and A after the webinar. Some people do a whole Q and A webinars, but I don’t recommend doing just Q and A webinars because I have never get one to convert. So people who sign up for the Q and A webinar and yeah, I want to be honest with you.

I have done this once, but I haven’t gotten one sale out of it. So I’m doing a mixture because when I do my whole sales presentation and after that I have the Q and A, I see during the Q and A are coming so many sales, but only when I left on my sales presentation before. So people are closed by now, but they have this just this one question.

And then I do this a whole Q and A. And usually I do just the slides and put the most asked questions on there and make it part of the presentation itself. So, that’s it for the Q and A part and think about a Q and A more of a belief breaking part where every question they ask is a false belief about your product or an objection that people have about your product or insecurity.

And if you knock down the false belief patterns, you break the chains that hold them from getting started, then yeah. Then you make the sale obviously. So if you like this episode, share with a friend and see you in the next one.

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